Who has appeared on The Right Perspective.

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Alan Keyes

Bert Prelutsky, author

Chris Simcox, Minutemen leader

Chuck Morse, talk show host

Col. Charles E. Thomann, ret.

Col. Fareed Betros, US Military

Conservatives for Lieberman Coalition

Dennis Stanford

Dick Morris, political commentator

Dr. Mary Lefkowitz, author, Not Out of Africa

Elaine Devarie Willman, Citizens Equal Rights Alliance (CERA)

Gerald Posner, author

James Chatters

Jay Koppelman, author, From Baghdad to America

Jessie Ventura

Johnny Lightning, radio personality

Jose Alvarez, Brothers to the Rescue

Pat Buchanan

Patrick Garry, author

Paul Alexander, radio personality

Philip Berg, lawyer

Philip Noble, political commentator

Randy Stufflebeam, Constitutional Party Candidate

SE Cupp and Brett Josphe, authors, Why You’re Wrong About The Right

Sheldon Filger, author

Steven St. Clair, chair of The Atlantic Conference

Will Bower, PUMA