Congress Defers To Obama On NSA Reform: Ron Paul

Former Texas Congressman Ron Paul has blasted Congress for deferring to President Obama on NSA reform. In his latest newsletter, Congressman Paul notes the legislative body he once was part of checked the power of the execute branch and protected American’s rights through the Church Committee of the 1970s. Paul goes on to say that Congress has since then taken […]

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GOP To OK Debt Ceiling Hike

House Republicans announced Friday they will ok a short-term hike on the debt ceiling limit for three months next week, to give Senate Democrats the opportunity to pass a federal budget. The “short-term debt limit extension” would allow budget problem to be pushed back to mid-March, when another short-term agreement, fixed just last month, comes up. House Speaker John Boehner and Majority […]

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Boehner Hangs On As Speaker

House Speaker John Boehner was re-elected to lead the 113th Congress on Thursday, ending a combative month of discord and a possible revolt by Republican congressmen. Speaker Boehner barely scraped together the 218 votes needed to secure re-election, according to The Hill. Nine Republicans defected, three did not vote, and one voted “present” — which brought Speaker Boehner perilously close to having to […]

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