NY Gov Whines “Overt Racism” By GOP

NY Governor David Patterson has openly whined that the Republican Party is sneaking racist comments about Barack Hussein Obama into the campaign by mocking the Democrat’s time as a community organizer. “The Republican party is too smart to call Barack Obama ‘black’ in a sense that it would be a negative,” said Patterson, the state’s first visually-impaired and African-American governor. […]

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Obama/Biden Voted For “Bridge To Nowhere”

The now-famous “Bridge to Nowhere” which GOP VP candidate Sarah Palin axed was supported by her political rivals, Barack Obama and Joe Biden, according to The Chicago Daily Observer. Gov. Palin originally supported the earmark spending on the Ketchikan bridge, she eventually killed the project, choosing to spend Federal money on other infrastructure programs. Obama and Biden voted to fund […]

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Hillary Won't Attack Sarah

Don’t expect a political catfight between Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin this time around, according to one Clinton insider. The ex-Democrat presidential contender, now stumping for her Party’s candidate, Barack Hussein Obama, will focus on Republican presidential candidate John McCain’s economic policies instead. “Attacking Palin is checkers, attacking McCain on the economy is chess,” says the insider. The pro-abortion Clinton […]

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