Ron Paul: Blame Neo-cons for Syrian Crisis

Former Texas congressman Ron Paul has shot back at critics blaming the Syrian refugee crisis on America, arguing that the policies of neo-conservatives are really to blame. In his latest article published September 20, Paul argues it was the neo-conservatives who decided on “regime change” in Syria by “destabiliz[ing] the government, caus[ing] social chaos, and destroy[ing] the [Syrian] economy,” which […]

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Head of Rand Paul Super-PAC Indicted for Bribery

The head of presidential candidate Rand Paul’s Super-PAC fund and two others were indicted Wednesday for allegedly bribing a Senator to endorse Ron Paul for president back in 2011. The FBI charged Jesse Benton, a long-time confidant of the Paul family, former Ron Paul Campaign Manager John Tate, and former Deputy Campaign Manager Dimitrios Kesari all with arranging a payment of […]

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Ron Paul: Shut Down The CIA

Former Texas Republican congressman Ron Paul called for the CIA to be shut down over its use of enhanced interrogation techniques in his latest column. Paul writes that the CIA must be shut down for its continued cover-up of “torturing” terror suspects in secret detention centers in foreign countries, noting that in 2007, then-CIA director George Tenet and U.S President George W. […]

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