Ahmadenejad Meets Mugabe

Call it a meeting of the evil minds: anti-White, Marxist, Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe has welcomed anti-Israeli, Socialist, Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad into his country with open arms and a 21-gun salute. Ahmadinejad came to open the 51st edition of the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair in Bulowayo on Friday, where Iran is the largest player. He is the first leader […]

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Mugabe Admits “Addiction” To Prostitutes

In a stunning admission, Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe has admitted to being “addicted” to prostitutes. The revelation came during an address at a United Nations event in Harare, according to Zimeye.com. In his native tongue Shona, Mugabe said, “Tiri vanhu vemeso meso. Chakabaya chikatyokera, tozviita sei?,” which translates into English as, “We are easily tempted by different women. Once it […]

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Mugabe Now Targets White-Owned Businesses

Not satisfied with stealing White-owned farms in his country, Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe has enacted a law banning Whites from starting new businesses and forcing already-established White-owned companies to have a minimum 51%-Black ownership. The Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Regulations Act affects all businesses with assets of more than £320,000 (US $500,000). All White-owned companies worth at least that amount […]

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