Turkey Sacks Top Cops Amid Scandal

The Turkish government fired some 350 police officers and department heads overnight Tuesday, a result of the unfolding multi-billion-dollar bribery-and-money-laundering scandal. The 350 officers snared in the midnight sacking include chiefs of the financial crimes, anti-smuggling, cybercrime and organized crime units, reports the Middle East news website Now. The policemen were based in the Turkish capital Ankara.

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119B Money Laudering Scandal Violated Iran Sanctions

Details emerging from the unfolding money laundering scandal in Turkey show the country may have wildly violated economic sanctions against Iran. As previously reported, the scandal broke on December 14, 2011, when three Azerbaijanis and an Iranian were caught with 14.5 million and 4 million euro in cash at Russia’s Vnukovo airport. The couriers gave three names – A. Niazami, H. Surkhay, and B. Vidali. Arrest […]

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HSBC Pays $1.92B In Money Laundering Settlement

London banking giant HSBC settled a money-laundering case with U.S. state and federal authorities on Tuesday, agreeing to pay a record US$1.92 billion instead of going through a trial that threatened the world economy. The British-based bank was accused of transferring billions of dollars for nations like Iran and enabling Mexican drug cartels to move money to their American subsidiaries. HSBC is […]

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