Joe Biden’s Charitable Hypocrisy

Everyone is very familiar with US Vice President Joe Biden‘s proclamation to liberal lackeys in the Ministry of Lies that paying higher taxes is patriotic. Biden has also lectured Americans on Catholic charitable donations and Christian giving. However, the hard facts behind Biden’s own contributions to charities smacks of double-speak. Over the last 10 years, Joe and his “lovely wife” […]

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Did Iran Test A Nuke?

A 5.0 earthquake that happened north of Straits of Hormuz in Iran this past Saturday night was actually an underground nuclear bomb test, reports Israel Insider. Quoting an unnamed nuclear scientist working on the project, the nuclear test was the second in a week. The first test reportedly occurred only 5 kilometers away from the second one. The Israel Insider […]

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Obama/Biden Voted For “Bridge To Nowhere”

The now-famous “Bridge to Nowhere” which GOP VP candidate Sarah Palin axed was supported by her political rivals, Barack Obama and Joe Biden, according to The Chicago Daily Observer. Gov. Palin originally supported the earmark spending on the Ketchikan bridge, she eventually killed the project, choosing to spend Federal money on other infrastructure programs. Obama and Biden voted to fund […]

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