Obama To Drop Iraq Troop Levels To 3,000

In a cost-saving and political measure, the Obama administration will reportedly lower US troop levels in Iraq to 3,000 from current levels of 45,000, a move that has infuriated senior commanders and generals on the ground. While FOX News is reporting that Leon Panetta has already signed off on the order, the Defense Secretary told reporters that “no decision has […]

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UN OKs Iraqi Civil Nuke Program

The United Nations Security Council has ended a nearly two-decade ban on the development of nuclear technology in Iraq that will see the country develop a program for civilian energy purposes. The restrictions, set on Iraq after the 1990 Gulf War, were lifted despite the Iraqi parliament’s failure to ratify the “Additional Protocol,” which allows intrusive inspections by U.N. International […]

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Wikileaks Revives Iraq WMD Debate

The release of 400,000 documents about the Iraq War by whistle-blowing website Wikileaks last Friday has revived the Bush administration’s primary argument for invading Iraq – that the country has Weapons of Mass Destruction and was ready to use them. At least four incidents in the years following the invasion of Iraq, American forces found evidences of WMD’s, reports Wired.com:

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