Cain Plays Race Card Defense

Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain claims his race is playing a factor in the dredging up of sexual harassment charges against him from the 1990s. “The answer is yes,” Cain told Charles Krauthammer during a Wednesday appearance on FOX News, when the pundit asked the Republican if his being a “strong Black conservative” had anything to do with the allegations.

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More Harassment Charges Hit Cain

The ongoing sexual harassment scandal that hit the Herman Cain campaign on Sunday worsened today, after several reputable people have come forward to testify of the Republican presidential hopeful’s misogynistic behavior. Veteran Republican pollster and former National Restaurant Association employee Chris Wilson told Oklahoma news radio station KTOK that he witnessed Cain sexually harass a woman who was a low-level […]

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Cain Hit With Campaign Finance, Tax Charges

Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain was hit with new questions about financial ties between his fledgling campaign and a private charity launched by two of his top aides. Citing interviews and internal financial documents, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that a Wisconsin tax-exempt charity called Prosperity USA footed the bill for nearly US$40,000 worth of iPads, chartered jet services and […]

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