Germany’s “New Fuhrer” Worked For M-I6

New information has surfaced alleging that the late Adolf von Thadden, who founded the German far-right party NPD, was actually an agent for the British Secret Service, M-I6. The allegations, first printed earlier ths year in Cologne daily Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, charged that von Thadden worked for M-I6 while leading the NPD to a string of local election victories, from 1967-1971. […]

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Europe Voters Get The Right Perspective

Voters to a decided turn toward Right-wing and conservative political parties in yesterday’s European parliamentary elections, with agendas ranging from immigration reform to ending the European Union. The most noted win was in Holland, where the Dutch Freedom Party won 15.3% of the vote and four MEP seats. In its first time running for election in the European Parliament, the […]

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Parallels of Nazism with the ANC

Special permission granted by author to publish article at The Right Perspective Nazism is a benchmark against which ruthless human control and a demonstration of “evil” political behavior have been measured. So great and so unfettered by external criticism was the political power allowed to it, that Germany destroyed itself and much more. The following describes aspects of the evolution […]

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