Clinton, Obama Moneyman Gets 12 Yrs For Fraud

Hassan Nemazee, an Iranian-American businessman who raised money for the political campaigns of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, was sentenced to 12 years in prison Thursday after pleading guilty to defrauding American banks out of US$ 292 million. “You know exactly what you have done,” US District Judge Sidney Stein told Nemazee as he handed down the sentence. “I don’t […]

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Most Dems Wanted Bush To Fail In 2006

While the Leftist-controlled mainstream media, aka The Ministry of Lies, tries to spin talk radio personality Rush Limbaugh’s wishing failure on Barack Obama as meaning the entire GOP wants to see America itself fail, a 2006 survey showed most Democrat Party voters wished then-President George W. Bush would fail as President. The Fox News poll asked Americans who voted in […]

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