China and Vietnam Headed To War?

An “endless stream” of Chinese soldiers, accompanied by tanks and other heavy artillery, have been seen building up along the China-Vietnam border after violent protests last week left many Chinese nationals dead or wounded. The current row was sparked by a tense standoff  between the two country’s navies over a 

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Obama’s Foreign Relations Surrender

From Asia to Europe to the Middle East, the Obama administration’s foreign policy has imploded. As President Obama’s widely-heralded Pacific “Pivot” never defined itself, China has been left to grow its trade and world influence, stretching out its reach over the the Pacific, and the world. The Chinese have their Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ). North Korea, whose only ally […]

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‘China’s 9-11’ Blamed On Uighur Separatists

Chinese president Xi Jinping ordered a crackdown on Uighur separatists Sunday, after a coordinated knifing attack in a train station killed 33 people. More than 10 knife-wielding people dressed in black stormed through the square and ticket hall of the railway station in Kunming, the capital of southwest Yunnan province. The masked attackers began slashing and stabbing passengers Saturday night […]

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