Hawaii Confirms Obama Birth Records To Arizona

Officials in Hawaii have confirmed U.S. President Barack Obama’s birth records to Arizona’s elections chief, ending a 3-month-long battle to get the documents. Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett, who said last week that the president would not appear on the state’s presidential ballot unless he got Obama’s birth records, told azcentral.com that he got the proper verification from Hawaiian […]

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Palin Bought Arizona Home

Former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin has admitted to being part of the company that purchased an Arizona home last week, but she has not moved from Alaska. In an interview with FOX News‘ Greta Van Sustern Tuesday night, Palin said she is part of Safari Investments and it “has some property in Arizona now.” “You know, many, many […]

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Brewer Vetoes Gun, “Birther” Bills

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer vetoed two bills vital to her social-conservative base on Monday, one allowed people to openly carry their guns practically everywhere in the state, the other requiring presidential candidates to show proof of “natural born” citizenship before their names would be placed on the ballot in the state. Even though she generally supports the lessening of open-carry […]

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