Second Man Nabbed In NY Fed Bomb Plot

Federal authorities announced on Friday a second man has been arrested for allegedly being part of a plot to blow up the New York Federal Reserve. Howard Willie Carter II was arrested Wednesday in San Diego on unrelated child porn charges. During their investigation of Carter’s home, several e-mail accounts addressed to “Yaqeen” were found along with more than 1,000 kiddie porn […]

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War On Terror Likely To Go Local

The war on terror is likely to move towards a more localized focus on densely-populated urban areas, after the discovery of Osama bin Laden hiding in a major metropolitan area marked the latest in a string of similar finds. A very disturbing pattern emerges when viewing the history of the top five Al Queda operatives that have been picked up […]

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Will Al Qaeda Take Over Libya?

Various news reports indicate that Islamic terror group al-Qaeda is active among rebel groups fighting Libyan strongman Moammar Gaddafi, and may take over the country if their rebellion is successful. The strongest indication of al-Qaeda activity among rebel groups comes from The UK Telegraph, which quotes the Libyan rebel leader Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi admitting that “around 25” of his men once […]

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