Budget Woes Threaten US Presence In Africa

Automatic defense cuts scheduled to take effect next month would force the Pentagon to reduce its presence in hotbeds of Al Queda activity across the globe such as Africa, warns Defense Secretary Leon Panetta. In testimony before the Armed Services Committee on Thursday, Panetta said an already-agreed-upon cut of US$500 billion over the next decade was taking military intelligence

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KFC Expands In Africa

Fast food chicken retailer KFC plans to expand its reach in Africa by opening 600 more stores and increasing revenues by US$ 2 billion by 2014. “Africa wasn’t even on our radar screen 10 years ago, but now we see it exploding with opportunity,” says David Novak, chairman and chief executive officer of Yum, KFC’s parent company, told The Wall […]

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HIV Concerns “Exaggerated” To Profit Big Pharma: Swazi Prince

AIDS activist groups in Swaziland have called on Prince Mangaliso to apologize for saying that HIV stats are being “exaggerated” to profit mulit-national pharmaceutical firms. “This thing of pharmaceutical industry is a dangerous business,” Prince Mangaliso, who is also referred to as Chief Logcogco, told The Times of Swaziland. “This industry is making a lot of money and if there […]

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