Pirates Release Iranian “Mystery Ship”

Somali pirates have released the crew and ship MV Iran Dayanant after a tense standoff that saw little international press coverage, despite the unusual circumstances surrounding the ship’s contents. Pirates on the ship, chartered by an Iranian company the US Government says is a front for weapons smuggling to Islamic fighters in the region, began developing burns, losing their hair […]

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Joerg Haider Killed In Car Crash

Austrian far-right politician Joerg Haider has been killed in a car crash near Klagenfurt, capital of the province of Carinthia where he was governor. Haider was 58. Haider’s sudden death comes at a time when a resurgent far-right took power in a coalition government with conservatives in Austria only weeks ago. In elections held on September 28th, The Social Democrats […]

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Iceland Gets Bailout Loan… From Russia…

In a televized press conference addressing the economic crisis in his country, Icelandic PM Geir Haarde announced that the Icelandic government has taken control of Landsbanki, Iceland’s second largest bank, and is getting a four billion euros (5.4 billion dollars) bailout loan from Russia. Haarde said that “certain countries” had not met requests for aid in accepting currency swaps.

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