Mob Turncoat Apologizes To Sliwa

A mob turncoat publicly apologized to Guardian Angels leader Curtis Sliwa in court Tuesday, before being sentenced for time served. Joseph (Little Joey) D’Angelo, 43, was convicted for driving the stolen taxi that was used in an attempt to kill Sliwa on June 19, 1992. The former Gambino wiseguy then turned on the mob and testified that John Gotti, Jr. […]

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Guardian Angels Halifax Closes

The Halifax franchise of the Guardian Angels closed its doors early last year, due to lack of interest from officials and the community. The street vigilante group opened up shop in December 2007, with the usual media fanfare flamed by degenerate dirtbag and Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa. The Chronicle Herald reports the franchise initially had 20 “potential recruits” back […]

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