Liberal Prof Bullies Republican Students

An openly-liberal professor in Denver, Colorado is being investigated for using his classroom to indoctrinate his students with his political beliefs. Metro State College professor Andrew Hallam gave students a writing assignment: to write an essay contradicting what he called the ‘fairy tale image of Palin’ presented at the Republican National Convention. “I was shocked, I was holy cow, this […]

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Obama Targets Talk Radio For Dissent, Again

For the second time in a month, the Obama campaign has targeted a Chicago talk radio station for its airing of voices that are critical of the Democrat Party presidential candidate, throwing into further question what kind of free speech Americans would have in an Obama nation. WGN-AM, “The Voice of Chicago,” had author David Freddoso on the station between […]

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Libtards Sniffle Over “Obama Waffles”

Sales of “Obama Waffles,” a farcical product designed to mock the political policies of Democrat Party presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama, were cut short at the Values Voter Summit Saturday after over-sensitive types whined about “racism” in the package design. The package shows a smiling Obama that mocks his open borders policy, as well as failed Democrat presidential candidate John […]

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