Democrat Congressman Becomes Republican

Democrat Congressman from Alabama, Parker Griffith, announced today that he will switch sides from Democrat to Republican. The 67-year-old Griffith will become the first Republican to represent the 5th Congressional District in Alabama, which includes Huntsville and Decatur. Griffith narrowly won re-election last year. In a press conference announcing the switch, Griffith said he could no longer align himself “with […]

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ACORN Stole NY-23?

Calls for a paper recount of New York’s embattled 23rd congressional district have risen up after Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman “unconceded” his Election Eve loss,chargeing civil right group ACORN and labor unions rigged the vote. “There is a real question on the integrity of the election,” said ALG president Bill Wilson. “Litigation to overturn the results and force a […]

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All 40 GOP Senators To Filibuster Obamacare

This Saturday’s Senate vote on National health care for America looks likely to turn into a long, drawn-out bloodbath as all 40 of the Republicans in the chamber have vowed to filibuster the bill. Even moderate Republican Olympia Snowe has said she will participate in the fillibuster against Obamacare. Democrats need to only get 60 votes to proceed to debate, […]

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