Kissinger Backs Hillary For Sec. Of State

Henry Kissinger has told an audience at the World Economic Forum in New Delhi that New York Senator Hillary Clinton would make “an outstanding appointment” as America’s top diplomat. Kissinger, who served as Secretary of State during the Nixon and Ford Administrations, said president-elect Obama, who is rumored to be considering Clinton for the position, would show “great courage” in […]

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Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton?

Hillary Clinton has emerged as a possible candidate for the position of Secretary of State in the upcoming Obama Administration. Clinton’s office has confirmed the New York Senator has flown to Chicago on “personal business”. The selection of Clinton for Secretary of State would mark a stance more hawkish than what Obama portrayed during the campaign. Clinton famously said she […]

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Leftwing Bloggers In Hissyfit Over Clinton's Defense of McCain/Palin

In addition to John McCain and Sarah Palin, leftwing bloggers now have a new villain : Bill Clinton. This unlikely choice came after Clinton had only good things to say about Palin at recent media appearances. “SHUT THE HELL UP BILL!!! I can’t stand his ass anymore,” catterwalled one liberal blogger. Plus, leftist bloggers say Clinton’s stance to not campaign […]

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