Holding Hands and Singing Kumbaya

Originally published in 2002 The murder assignation of Pym Fortuyn by an environmentalist Nazi should, but it won’t be, called a “hate crime”. The Dutch candidate was a former Marxist and homosexual. He was a Dutch nationalist. Instead of being called a nationalist, he is called an “anti-immigration” candidate. The super sensitive souls of the Left aren’t calling this a […]

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The Revolution Always Eats Its Own

The cardinal rule of Leftist revolutions is that it always eats it own. History bears this truth out when we examine the revolutions of the twentieth century. The Bolshevik Revolution, actually a coup, slaughtered millions in “The Great Terror”. Mao who idolized Stalin continued this in his “Great Leap Forward”, and culminated it in the “Cultural Revolution”. The Cultural Revolution […]

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