ANC Breakaway Party Forming

The recent chasm that erupted on South Africa’s political landscape is leading to the formation of a new party consisting of members who are leaving South Africa’s ruling ANC Party. The bell sounded earlier last week when ANC spokesman Gwede Mantashe publicly chided Minister of Defence Patrick Lekota as “not a disciplined cadre” for saying the ANC “had no future”. […]

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Teachers Union Calls For “Obama Blue” Brainwash Day

The Virginia Education Association is under fire from state Republicans after an e-mail circulated by the Association called on teachers to influence their students to vote for Democrat Party presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama. The so-called “Obama Blue Day” e-mail reads, “”There are people out there not yet registered. You teach some of them,” the Sept. 25 e-mail reads. “Others, […]

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ANC Split Widens

The fracturing of South Africa’s ruling ANC Party has split further after Mbhazima Shilowa, the provincial premier of Gauteng province, which includes Pretoria and Johanesburg, resigned from his position this week. “I am resigning due to my convictions that while the ANC has the right to recall any of its deployed cadres, the decision needs to be based on solid […]

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