Power Hungry Desdemona

Othello was the longest-running Shakespearean play ever on Broadway.

It was bigger than ‘Hamlet’ when Richard Burton starred and Elizabeth Taylor showed up nightly to kiss him after his performance.

Mesmerizing; the audience was fascinated with the story of Othello, the actors, the politics, the Venetian shipping trade, the tragedy.

And it’s based on truth. When Shakespeare wrote Othello the new king, King James, was interested in more than the politics. He was also concerned about the fall of Venice; Venice the center of Italian business, shipping and trade. He was concerned about England and the Mediterranean business routes. England had been out of the Mediterranean shipping business for 25 years; the King wanted to re-enter the market. He was afraid pirates would attack and the goods being shipped, the assets, would be stolen. The English ships would be destroyed, and the crews would be decimated. Too dangerous to sail the Mediterranean. The King wanted to know how Venice lost their stature; how the profit structure collapsed. Shakespeare provided the answers.

Venice was falling from its profit apex.

Othello was brought in over and above the other generals; maybe he could succeed.

The Turks were attacking.


Desdemona was Power Hungry.

Desdemona inserted herself in a situation where she did not belong.

She had everything she wanted in her father’s house.

Her father was a Duke, high up in the government.

Her father was rich.

She was one of the elite.

What didn’t she have > being protected, being provided for, by her father?

What did she gain by marrying Othello?

What did she think she would gain by marrying Othello?


The critics, the experts, say there are discrepancies in Othello > that Shakespeare was in a hurry when he wrote Othello; that Shakespeare made errors.


Shakespeare knew what he was doing; it’s the experts who don’t know what they are doing.

Cheryl likes to say that the experts are either educated idiots or indoctrinated morons.
The experts like to say that Desdemona was innocent, sheltered, and naive; she is the victim.


She is POWER HUNGRY just like the Hillary of today.

Othello starts off with Iago informing her father, Brabantio, that she is married to Othello and that she is not in her father’s house. “This is Venice. My house is not a grange,” is what her father says. His house is not a common, ordinary, secluded, unworthy house. His house is the house of a nobleman, a member of the ruling class, an elite, standout house. Venice is the financial center of Italy. Special geographical area. What does Iago mean that his daughter sneaked out of the house? Iago knows that they are at the Sagittary, where arrows and weapons are made, short-handled weapons. It is very important to know about the Sagittary: Othello kills himself with a sword. That is not part of the weaponry of the Venetians. Othello does not kill Desdemona with a sword because he doesn’t want blood on her white skin. Swords were basically a banned weapon; brings to mind the Second Amendment and rules, laws about weapons. Othello has a Spanish sword; Iago is a Spaniard. Othello says “It is a sword of Spain, the ice-brook’s temper” – tempering steel means plunging it when it’s red-hot into very cold water, and the colder the water the higher the temper that was attained. I read that in Spain the Salo and the Chalybes water was known for their coldness, they use the words remarkable coldness. Using water as his descriptive word, Othello says that ‘the dew will rust’ the sword. Water tempered the sword, but the dew will rust them. Othello says that Desdemona is ‘FALSE AS WATER‘. She certainly is: water looks so good, water is so destructive. The flood-gates of Venice keep out the destructive waters, but the waters of Venice produce the greatness of Venice. Hillary is FALSE AS WATER. She says she has the experience. Donald Trump points out she has been in positions of power for many years but she has no accomplishments. She says she is for women and children – she was the lawyer for the husband in a custody battle over a 6 year-old daughter as documented in the Wall Street Journal (October 28, 2016). That is being the lawyer against the woman, against the mother. Everything from Hillary is false.

Power Hungry Hillary

If Othello wins and destroys the enemy, the Turks, she will be the highest ranking woman in the Venetian empire. As her father’s daughter, she is part of the elite. But if Othello is victorious, she outranks them all. Hillary for all the years has one objective: Be The President. Throughout the years the issues have changed, the business and financial markets have moved, the technology has progressed, the social culture has changed but she has not – she has remained fixed on her desire to be PRESIDENT. The politics, the art, the technology, the culture, the music, the style, the fashion are all immaterial to her.¬†She wants to be president.

Hillary has been rejected.

The Womens’ Movement has been rejected.

The stalled in the 60’s thinking of Saul Alinsky has been rejected.

The non-American policies have been rejected; ‘this is not who we are’ is what the current regime says – We know Who We Are.

The policies emanating from the Dictators have been rejected.

Power Hungry – to have the decision making powers in her hands, the control.
False as Water, and WE THE PEOPLE rejected her, rejected Power Hungry Hillary.
Be vigilant she does not want to exit the stage.

Jealousy and Envy.

WE THE PEOPLE have to continue on

Standing Together, Speaking Out, Uniting Forces and Battling On.

‘There is only the Fight’ – We are still in the fight.

Battle On Patriots,

Battle On!


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  • Hillary is power hungry, without a doubt. You only have to look at Bill’s eyes to determine who the submissive one is in that regime.

    Thanks to Cheryl for another great article.

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