Venetians Lose

Venetians Lose.

Muslims Win.

That’s the story of Othello, Shakespeare’s Othello. A story, based on a truth you don’t get in today’s Drive By Media.

Shakespeare’s Othello is a story of today; Othello, the Moor of Venice. We know who got cast in the leading role.

Moor of Venice. Cannot be; A Moor being a Venetian. He doesn’t fit in to the society. He is outside the culture of Venice, the economic capital of its day, the high society, the powerful, the elite.

ONLY the first act takes place in Venice. Hurry, hurry; the entire ‘Act One’ has everyone rushing. Desdemona has sneaked off to marry Othello – who was involved in helping her with this secret elopement? Why did she reject a Venetian suitor? Why is she deceiving and betraying her father? Desdemona, an only child. Why can’t she tell her father, an official in the political hierarchy of Venice, that she wants to marry Othello? Who are the characters involved in this most secret scheme; who within the government would even marry them? Why does she have to marry him at this point of time? Why right now?

Unbeknownst to Desdemona, the political leaders have to assemble quickly, have to assemble here and now, and dispatch Othello to command the armies in Cyprus. Off they go.

The rest of the play takes place in Cyprus.

Time drags. No one hurries. Cyprus; a totally different culture, different economy, different society in comparison to Venice.

The only battleground is the Bedroom. That’s where murder takes place.

The Turks of the Ottoman Empire are stopped from attacking on Cyprus because of a storm at sea.

There is never the appearance of an enemy, a Turk of the Ottoman Empire, at any time in Othello.

They are the enemy only spoken about.

What is not spoken are the important words.

A closer study reveals that what is NOT SAID is more important. What a task for Shakespeare who has ONLY words to tell you, to tell his story, to offer you this tragedy.

What is said, what is performed, what is written by Shakespeare is all we have to work with to learn the Tragedy that is Othello. What is written by Shakespeare is only what the hypocrites, the leading actors, want the audience to hear. The actors, the lead players, say things just to make themselves look good. ‘See how wonderful I am’, Othello boasts that he’s the best general. Iago behaves as though he is devoted and loyal; he is the instigator of all the horror. Iago, a strange name, I learned from my studies, is actually Spanish. A name like Santiago shortened to Iago; what is a Spaniard doing in the Venetian army? Desdemona carries on as though she is so innocent; but they are all hypocrites. Othello, a man who loved not wisely but too well – Who did he love? Iago – the green-eyed monster; what causes him to be jealous? Desdemona – finally it’s said – she’s “False as Water”; what does Othello know about her that causes him to say she’s ‘False as Water’? All the so-called literary experts say that Desdemona is innocent, naive, without experience. We all know what female in today’s world Puts On An Act; is a hypocrite.

That’s right; it’s Hillary. All the years, going way back to the 1960’s, college years, she has been running to become president. It doesn’t matter to her what political circumstances are, what is happening, if battles are raging, where the Dow Jones Industrial Index is, if the United States is in an economic DEPRESSION. She just wants to be president. No matter what the year. We never get to hear from Desdemona what her true feelings are; she continuously maintains her hypocritical personality.

Othello, I feel, is the greatest achievement of Shakespeare. Shakespeare is the master of WORDS. He wrote the play for the actors to speak the words; ‘Speak the Speech I pray you’ (Hamlet). The force and dynamics of this tragedy are extraordinary. Based on true history, real people, real events. And a marvelous achievement as a staged production for an international audience.

E. E. A. – Environmental Existence Area.

That is what Othello is all about. History is the struggle of nations and races for Environmental Existence Area. At the end of September, Senator Jeff Sessions conducted a committee hearing, Senate Subcommittee – Immigration & the National Interest. The Drive By Media brushed right past the story. New American headlined the story on its website as ‘U.S. Not Screening Refugees for Extremist Views‘. There is ‘no effort to learn if they harbor extremist views’.

Ted Cruz, Senator from Texas, is on that committee. He was hard hitting in his questions.

Honor Killings

Honor killings are not part of the American Culture. A foreign culture, alien to American ways, trying to destroy our culture and put in their culture, their laws. Yes, Senator Jeff Sessions included honor killings in his hearings on refugees and terrorists. Screening and vetting. Refugees are entering this country, killing our citizens, resorting to their laws, their beliefs, their culture. And its an honor killing when Othello kills Desdemona. It’s not Venetian Law. He’s not a Venetian. He’s a Moor. Why did Venice ever elevate Othello to such a high commanding position? Didn’t they have other generals to promote to commanding positions? Othello kills Desdemona based on flimsy evidence, a handkerchief. Killing Desdemona is an honor killing.

On Cyprus, Venetian law does not apply; Environmental Existence Area. The others have brought their culture with them, to Cyprus; but Othello is not one of them. As a general, does Othello go into battle based on flimsy evidence, unsubstantiated intelligence? Only Othello brags about his victories. The audience does not get to verify his tales.

Vetting and screening.

When he kills himself, he reveals a concealed sword. I found in ‘The Shakespeare Guide to Italy‘, a very interesting book, that concealed swords were NOT allowed in Venice. Something like the Second Amendment. They used hatchets, shorter blades than swords at that time. Swords were not part of Venetian society, not allowed. Definitely Othello was not part of the Venetian society. He resorts to what he knows, his culture – he’s a Moor. Who vetted him? What screening test did he take? Who did research on Othello before allowing him to command the armies of Venice? He wanted to get into Venice high society; that’s why he married Desdemona. But his plans got upset; everybody was sent off to Cyprus. Her father ‘disowns’ her; ‘if thou hast eyes to see, she has deceived her father, and may thee’. This is not what Othello was hoping for.

It’s no longer Venice.

It’s Cyprus.

Totally different.

The King of England had asked Shakespeare for his opinion, political opinion, on Cyprus. Also, in ‘The Shakespeare Guide to Italy‘, it’s amazing how many plays of Shakespeare take place in Italy. His knowledge, his information makes him a top authority, political authority. ‘The Kings Men’. Shakespeare and company were known as ‘The Kings Men’. The pirates of the Mediterranean had kept the ships of England out of the trading community. Once Venice deteriorated from their lofty levels, the market opened up for trade. England took advantage of that. Othello, the story of Othello, was based on truth; something the Drive By Media doesn’t incorporate into their stories. Othello came along while Venice was declining, and then Othello finished them off.

I have MORE to say on this matter.


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  • Cheryl knows. Cheryl knows best. Like Shakespeare did.

    The thing is we need more people who know. They need to know history and they need to know facts. Not the spin on facts. It seems that with the advent of the digital age, spin has become more prevalent than fact. We have become lazy consumers instead of using technology to be discerning ones. Technology seems to provide more and faster. But there is no indication of the signal-to-noise ratio. You still need effort to determine that.

    Books take more time, more effort. But they provide time for thought. Time to evaluate. Time to read between the lines. We would do well by switching off the technology now and again to go back to what has worked for many centuries.

    My iPad is a few years old now. The cover is showing signs of considerable wear. It is freezing now and again and I find myself using it less. I spend enough time with PCs, networks, ERP systems and the cloud as it is. I have been buying old books lately. Some are quite rare. I don’t think I will replace that iPad yet.

    The books contain facts. History. I can read between the lines.

    Cheryl knows.

    • Thank you Johann. Your comments are my hearts delight. I’m putting together more material concerning Shakespeare’s Othello.

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