Cheney Rips Obama In 9/11 Op-Ed

Former vice president Dick Cheney has destroyed the policies of U.S. Barack Obama in a new op-ed, claiming the president has made America less safe 15 years after the terrorist attacks of 9/11.In the piece, published in the Wall Street Journal on September 9, Cheney and his daughter, Republican congressional candidate Liz Cheney, show how President Obama’s policies have severely weakened the U.S. military. The Air Force is the oldest and smallest it’s ever been, and the Marine Corps are suffering shortfalls in key areas of readiness, for example.

President Obama’s policies have not reduced the threat from global terrorist organizations, the Cheneys show. Isis has not been reduced, for example. The president has turned Iraq from a stable, growing democracy into a hellhole. President Obama has also turned many of the reigns of power in the Middle East over to Iran.

Because of President Obama’s policies, Russia, China, and North Korea have risen to become threats to American allies, the Cheneys also claim.

The next president must take historic-level steps to undo the damage done by the Obama administration, the Cheneys write. This includes fixing military shortfalls, modernize and upgrade America’s nuclear arsenal, develop and build up a missile-defense system, and invest in military technologies that will keep the U.S. superior to those of China and Russia.

The Cheneys also go on to explain that America’s president must provide military plans to destroy terrorists in their safe havens, rebuild intelligence capabilities, make sure Guantanamo remains open, and reinstate the Enhanced Interrogation Program.

That last point has already been championed by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, causing great controversy. Current CIA Director John Brennan has publicly stated his agency will never use the techniques, including waterboarding, again.

Finally, the next president must make sure that Iran never has a nuclear weapon, according to the Cheneys. “Our next president should renounce the Obama-Clinton nuclear agreement, develop a strategy in consultation with our allies in the region to address Iran’s state sponsorship of terror, and make clear that all options are on the table where Iran’s nuclear program is concerned,” they write.


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