Merkel No Longer Stands For ‘Will Of The People’

A leading conservative German politician has blasted Chancellor Angela Merkel for her open refugee policy, saying she no long stands for the ‘will of the people.’

“Unfortunately, [Chancellor Merkel’s open refugee policy] is still too little for the feelings, concerns and fears of the citizens,” said former Bavarian Prime Minister Edmund Stoiber.

Stoiber, who is also a former head of the Christian Social Union party, went on to say the Merkel does not say “anything concrete” to address the crisis. Merkel’s sinking poll numbers show she is not “expressing the majority will of the people.”

New poll numbers show Chancellor Merkel’s approval rating plummeting 12 points after a recent string of terrorist attacks done by mostly Muslim refugees. Two-thirds of Germans surveyed do not approve of her handling of the refugee crisis. Chancellor Merkel’s approval rating of 47-percent is her second-lowest since starting a third term in 2013.

The recent terrorist attacks in Ansbach and Würzburg made it clear that “uncontrolled immigration is also a security issue, because we unfortunately have among the refugees smuggled or developing offenders,” Stoiber said.

Horst Seehofer

Horst Seehofer

Support for Bavarian Prime Minister Horst Seehofer, one of her biggest political adversaries during the refugee crisis, rose 11 points to 44-percent.

Stoiber successfully beat then Christian Democrat Union-chairwoman Merkel for the CDU/CSU Chancellor nomination in 2002, only to lose to incumbent Gerhard Schroder in one of modern Germany’s closest votes. It is believed Stoiber may challenge Merkel again for the chancellorship, this time as a mainstream far-right candidate.

The social-conservative has been going after Chancellor Merkel’s open immigration policy for some time. He delivered an ultimatum to her last January on the issue, demanding the Chancellor reduce the number of refugees, or Germany and Europe would “witness catastrophic consequences.”

Senior members of Chancellor Merkel’s CDU party continued to defend her open refugee policy.

“We won’t allow terrorists and violent criminals to change our European-western way of life,” Peter Altmaier, Merkel’s chief of staff, said. “This includes the protection of human dignity and help for people in need. We need to check security measures but the fact remains that Germany will also fulfill its humanitarian obligations in the future.”


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  • Keep in mind that the majority of crimes and attacks by these refugees are wiped under the carpet by media. There has been major protests in Germany at football (soccer) venues with thousands of protestors against the uncontrolled immigration. Again, you won’t see that in MSM.

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