Charles Koch: The System Is ‘Rigged’ To Benefit Me

Billionaire industrialist Charles Koch admitted Sunday the political system is ‘rigged’ to benefit companies like his.

“It is, and in the policy area, that’s our number one policy agenda, to change that,” Koch said when asked by ABC News This Week if the political system is rigged. “We have this corporate welfare that benefits established companies, and makes it very difficult for somebody to get started”.

Koch said that while wants to see corporate tax beneifts completely removed, he does not see any candidate talking about the “two-tier system” that keeps the status quo in place.

He also denied that he and his brother Fred control the GOP. The Koch brothers are heavy contributors to Republican candidates and conservative causes.

“If I control the Republican Party, we would not have a two-tiered system. We would not have a tax code that subsidizes the wealthy,” he explained. “We would get rid of all of that. So, obviously, I don’t control anything.”

The Koch brother also said in the same interview that he and his brother may support presumptive Democrat Party candidate Hillary Clinton over the eventual Republican nominee.

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  • Now that just might be the kiss of death for Hillary. Support from the Left’s favorite bogeymen who personify all that they hate about business and free enterprise!

    Go on David and Charles, make Donald’s day!

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