Prince Died From AIDS: Reports

Genre-defying music legend Prince died Thursday from complications due to AIDS, according to published reports.

While no official confirmation on the cause of Prince’s sudden death has been issued, a source has told the Santa Monica Observer that the musician died from the blood-borne disease after getting it sometime in the early 90’s.

The report follows a blind item from celebrity rumor website Blind Gossip published only three days before the star’s death that “a VERY popular African American celebrity – who has recently been in the news – now has what is being described as AIDS. [….] We want to make it clear we are NOT talking about Magic Johnson.”

Prince from his 'Little Red Corvette' video

Prince from his ‘Little Red Corvette’ video

Blind Gossip went on to describe the unnamed star as someone “who is known for having a very extreme sexual past,” a description that fits the history of Prince.

According to both the Observer and Blind Gossip, Prince kept his illness hidden from the public. Blind Gossip claims the star was taking medication “religiously” until two years ago, when he believed that God had “cured” him and stopped treatment.

Prince became a devout Jehova’s Witness in 2001. Some Jehova’s Witnesses shun modern medicine practices, including blood transfusions, in favor of prayer.

It is believed Prince may have been inspired to stop treatment after hearing about another Jehova’s Witness, who contracted the disease yet continues to live after stopping his medication.

“We’re told that the celebrity is expected to get sicker and sicker, and eventually pass,” reported Blind Gossip. “It can happen as soon as the summer.”

Prince made news on April 15 when his private plane made an emergency landing in Moline, Illinois following a concert in Atlanta, Georgia. Sources told TMZ that the singer had been battling the flu for several weeks and had to cancel appearances on April 7, but wanted to make the Atlanta event.

Police respond to an emergency call at Prince's Paisley Park studios.

Police respond to an emergency call at Prince’s Paisley Park studios.

More information came out about the emergency landing after Prince’s death. He reportedly got a “save shot,” usually administered to patients suffering from a drug overdose. Doctors wanted him to stay 24 hours for observation, but Prince’s handlers refused when they could not secure a private room for him. The musician was treated and released after 3 hours; he was described as “not doing well” when he left.

Prince held a dance party several days after the emergency room visit to assure fans he was doing well. According to the Mirror, he told guests to “wait a few days before you waste any prayers.” Some have now taken this to mean Prince knew his time would soon come to an end.

Prince was found dead in the elevator of his Paisley Park studio at 9:30am local time on April 21. He was reportedly seen anxiously pacing back and forth in the parking lot the night before. He was 57.

UPDATE (2016.04.27): Blind Gossip stands by its original piece about Prince having died from AIDS. People Magazine has also reported on Prince having HIV/AIDS, simply referring to it as a “serious and ongoing illness” “which made his immune system weak”:

A source who worked with him a few years ago believes he was grappling with a serious and ongoing illness at the time.

“The people close to him were very concerned for his health and indicated he’d been undergoing treatments which made his immune system weak,” the source tells People.

The National Enquirer is set to release an issue covering Prince’s “tragic details about the troubling personal decisions” that caused him to die from HIV/AIDS. The article claims Prince was diagnosed with full-blown AIDS six months before he died, but refused treatment, believing he could be cured through prayer.


The Enquirer also claims Prince’s family and handlers are working overtime to cover up the fact that Prince did in fact from AIDS:

And now the Prince’s loved ones are showing interest in hiding the true cause of his death. According to the insider, Prince’s family is already banging on coroner’s door and demanding officials heavily redact any public autopsy report “to spare family, friends and fans” any information “about his lifestyle that’s sure to come.”


  • I grew up a Jehovah’s witness and they are against blood transfusions not all medicine however it your individual choice to have a blood transfusion or not and there are no repercussions if you decide to have it…get your facts right you people are just as bad as the media talking a bunch of shit and don’t know facts

      • Illuminate confirm

      • is this why is son is dead after 1 week or few days after, aids.

        • I don’t think so – his son was born with a very rare condition.. God rest Their souls

        • You are an ass. Prince’s son died from pfeiffer syndrome.

        • No! Prince’s son did not die from AIDS. I don’t believe either did Prince. As if it would matter anyway. Prince and Mayte’s precious, baby boy Gregory, died from Pfeiffer Syndrome. Look it up. It is DISGUSTING, what the media is doing. Shame on them. No, RESPECT. This man was a musical genius. What a loss he is to the whole world. The not so funny thing is we never heard anything bad about Prince, when he was walking on this Earth. Now that the man is no, longer (here to defend himself) walking with us everyone (Media) is trying to degrade him. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME, on everyone doing so. No, one would like it if it happened to a member of their family. They just need to SHUT up with all these lies. Just to make money off of Prince’s ________. I can’t even say the word. I am heartbroken.

          • I can surely relate to the degrading. The “not so perfect people” will run the name of those in the ground who may not actually be as bad as them?? for whatever reasons, jealousy, envy, the fact a person may not be the type to be a puppet to others, but instead do their own thing and do not allow others to think for us, act for us or feel forced to follow in the footsteps of others. It certainly does appear that they choose certain people whose names they want to run in the ground and whose character they want to defame. Shame on us sunners who point the fingers. Shame. Like they say, in life we all may have a taste of our own medicine.

    • Well the bible certainly stay to abstain from blood…there r repercussions to being disobedient. But certainly they got the medicine part wrong.

      • Bless you your so right enough said :)

      • It said that you should not EAT blood ….you should let the blood drain out of the animals before you eat it.

        • Lol it means Meat. We are supposed to look out for animals not killing and eating them. That was old testament and they had it all wrong. If you can see Jesus slitting the throat of a goat….you Really should question who Jesus really was.

      • What bible do you read? Where is our faith in Jesus and not mans words

      • What Bible are you reading?! It truly breaks my heart to hear ppl so misinformed regarding scripture. In the Bible the reference to blood was about meat not humans, medical treatment or blood transfusions! Please find someone who will teach you how to truly interpret the Bible in it’s entirety and not by verse just to prove some point that they’re trying to convince you of.

    • The illuminati will attempt to make weak-minded motherfuckas believe anything they say or print.

        • Prince was the most creative and talented musician of all time when you saw him live he would taanyou to another place he changed music he changed me a major influence when I was a kid he touched my soul regardless of how he died it is how he lived His music will live on and his spirit like jimi Hendrix and many others but there will never be any one like Prince if drugs where involved something needs to be done to many musicians dieing from drug overdose it didnt have to happen to him and many others if we as a country love are children and are childrens children it must stop most of these musicians have millions and have a choice to say no to drugs may the love of prince and his music live on forever and the love of god be with everyone

      • I know the Illuminati snuffed him out…he no longer wanted to be a slave to their mind control.

        • I believe you are right

        • Also when ever an artist such as MJ ,Prince,Sam Cook James Brown and other artist of color decide to take charge of their own destiny and strip the greedy record companies of any wright’s to make the lion share of an artists earnings from his hard work they tend to end up dead I find that strange now one can choose to say naw that’s not happening but the scary reality of it is it is happening cause the recording artist at least the one’s with the potential to bank roll the record company after death those are the only one’s dying and the one’s saying it’s not true sound like the people that were saying that the cops weren’t just gunning down black men for the hell of it look how many black folks that have died in 2015 by the hands of white cops so I think an open mind needs to be had when analyzing these things on a case by case issue and I just used the cop example to make a point.

          • You are so true

          • sorry to tell your dumb ass that Sam Cooke was shot by a fat black bitch that was the hotel owner because they got into an argument….has nothing to do with label and or other recording co, and no one was gonna mess with JB either….educate yourself before making stupid comments

          • Your an idiot. See when a person blue, green, purple, or orange wrestle with a cop attempting to take control of their firearm…well it’s not a stench to think they might get shot. In the history of the world there has never been such a group of whiners.

      • You are a stupid stupid person

      • ????????????

    • You are right they don’t believe in blood transfusion. So they can come with something else .I believe he was sick or someone might have killed him .I am a prince fan .no matter what happened he lived and he touch alot of live Rip Prince

    • And u right. People talk but don’t know wat their talking about

    • So did I! I hate seeing stuff like that, people have no idea what their talking about. Who males this stuff up about Witnesses?

    • Thank you!!

    • I agree I also grew up as a Jehovah’s witness and still attend the meetings the facts in this so called article is wrong you shouldn’t take blood but like you said its on the individual

    • I agree with you so much

    • Thank you. I also grew up JW and they are always misconscrewed.

    • I know that’s right

    • You’re absolutely correct . Their throwing Jehovah’s Witnesses under the bus ..

    • Cult members deserve to suffer all their lives and die terrible deaths…..

    • Who are u? Come out come out

    • His lifestyle contributed to his death DO not sleep with a lot of people or with men and/or do drugs where you share needles and you will not get AIDS!

      He was a brilliant artist and his music will live on. Homosexual lifestyle is a killer!

    • I am to a Jehovah’s Witnesses, You’re are absolutely correct. About the blood. It up to the individual if that choice to have one. Now you people need to stop throwing us under the bus. All who is ran there mouth need to come and see us.

    • Why all of the noise? Listen, this is what it sounds like when doves cry

    • the man is dead, because he liked men. end of story.

    • Yvonne Korneck

      Prince I love you. I I’m going to miss you deeply. Please come back to us all!

  • I guess my question for the day is why even comment on speculation and assumptions… He’s gone… Well wishes for his family and loved ones… Are you a fan or nah?..

  • So which lie are they trying to tarnish prince name and image with is that he died from complications of the flu in combination with stopping alleged aids treatment or is that he had a drug overdose they are not making any sense I don’t believe this story wow writers and gossip magazines alike will do anything fora buck including degrading and disrespecting the dead


  • My brother past away the same way he spot taking his meds he said the med made him more sick

  • Yes people can live with AIDS but they have to medicine everyday of there lives!! The media noted that he stop taking his medicine for a while!! Then try to do something else to cure it!! What killed prince not taking his medicine everyday .. Do research on AIDS and what the cause of not taking your med!! Rest in peace

  • What a load of shite!!!!!!!! Fuck off please!

  • What are we to really believe

  • Wby is that motherfuckers always trying to tarnisha good person when they’re dead and gone .. Now on behalf of the all the real Prince fans . i say who e erputting out this disrespectful, disgracing lie about this wonderful man.. Go suck on a aids infected DICK… Rest in Paradise Prince

    • Real talk

    • Just wanted to say to Stephanie who wrote on behalf of all prince’s fans, you are not speaking for all of the REAL PRINCE fans because your vulgar language is very offensive and I’m sure Prince would frown upon your comments. No one is trying to disrespect Prince, they are simply making a statement about the disease process of aids and it is true that if you stop taking your meds you will die much sooner than if you had continued your meds. I had never heard Prince had aids…I was an RN for 30 years and have worked with many aids patients. I truly believe Prince WAS THE GREATEST ARTIST OF OUR TIME…THERE WILL NEVER BE ANYONE WHO WILL TAKE HIS PLACE…AFTER HIS DEATH DOVES TRULY DID CRY AND IT WAS IN THE PURPLE RAIN…

  • Why do people get so worked up about what people are saying Prince died of, if it was AID’S, pneumonia the flu or a drug overdose does it change the way that you felt about him so what if he died of any of these things his name can’t be tarnished do you think anyone is going to love him any less, NOPE NEVER

  • Why do people have to do bullshit like tbis . noone never mentioned aids when he was alive . let this man rest in peace . Prince was a legend. And always will be .

  • I guess him and Easy E banned the same girl back in the day….B.S

  • We’re all sinners in the eyes the lord, so stop judging! Being a good person doesn’t guarantee you will be going to heaven. Nobody’s perfect! Everybody will be judged come Judgement Day!!!

    • I judge you to be a douche!

    • We need to celebrate his life & music and not feed into what the media says. The media is tainted and always looking to tarnish someone’s reputation. None of us knew Prince on a personal level. He was not a person who we heard negative things about. He was good at what he did, making music and performing. We all have freedom of religion and his choices have nothing to do with us. Just make sure you know who God is for yourself.

  • D.J Silk Smooth

    To Me It Don’t Matter What He Died From!!!! When He Was Alive Couldn’t No One Touch His Showmanship Live Or In The Studio For That Matter!!!!!! So Run Tell Dat!!!!! I Said It And I Meant It!!!!!

  • True Prince fan it saddens us deeply! Instead of all these speculations What killed him “God” called him home! Focous and let us be thankful for this mans amazing music spirit and all the lives he has touched in such a short time! R.I.P.

  • Notice how Prince was cremated immediately after the autopsy. Usually they don’t cremate the body until after the official autopsy has been released, just in case the coroner can go back and do more tests. And both the autopsy and cremation happened so quickly.

    Then look back to when Prince had that emergency landing in the middle of nowhere, and how his people wouldn’t let him stay overnight and he was released against doctor’s orders.

    IMHO Prince’s handlers are covering up the fact that he had HIV, and it went into full AIDS when he though God had cured him. They’re covering it up because they don’t want to ruin Prince’s “legacy” – and their paychecks!

    • You don’t have a clue to what you are talking about. It takes several hours to get the photos, autopsy, and DNA and all blood required to last forever. Bodies are cremated before 24 hours following death. Get a life and an education. RIP Prince!

    • Can you just STFU…People get me…Trying to throw others under the bus after they R dead & gone…Whatever reason he was called home…it’s none of your bizness…you have too much time on your hands Dr.Anonymous

    • That’s the word “Lagacy” that’s what’s left behind and that’s how ppl remember you some will chose to honor his work some we chose to curse the way he died and remember that it depends on ppls beliefs and respect for humanity Prices work will out weight the cause of death but it is the saddest thing to see ppl suffer the Aids virus to the end he lived his life the way he wanted he put it out there there was no guessing and threw it all he keeped making music when Freddy Murcury died of Aids it was the saddest thing ever there was no music like his unique talent and music he is gone now but the music live on when I hear the music I don’t hear the Aids Virus I hear the sound of music and the music live on for ever and ever that’s there contribution to LIFE what’s your contribution is it that your contribution was that you bashed Prince and who will remember you in death and in your time of need no one but the music that these ppl that died of Aids will inspire ppl to live and create and motivate the masses to move forward in life that’s the Lagacy to live for , LIVE FOR NOTHING DIE FOR SOMETHING .

    • Sometimes the truth is not what we want to hear nor accept. “No people are perfect”. When the world stops looking at some because of their status, their wealth and fame, but still look at them as “human” the same as all other people regardless of wealth or fame, then the world will be a better place and more understanding.

  • You know what bugs me about saying “when its your time, its your time”… Its your time when your back is against the wall with no escape whatsoever. That is when its your time! We are talking about an unnecessary and untimely death here that could most probably have been prevented!

  • Stephanie Kirkendoll- george

    Why is anybody’s business the man died respect that his music is a legend and he will also be one whatever his illness Maybe or his sexual preference that was dead man’s business and all the world needs to know is all his music and movies touch our hearts live with that and let the rest go

  • Stephanie Kirkendoll- george

    Why worry about whet and why god knows it was his time this man was an angel to music and in movies let him rest in peace and remember who he was not whet he had or did have fuck all y’all he was a hell of a songwriter

  • Media lies.. and even if it’s the truth it doesn’t matter. Prince liked his privacy in certain aspects of his life. Jehova Witness’s are good people and live by their beliefs.. agree or not it is their religious right. I am a Mormon. I respect my friends of any religion or non religion. Let’s stop bashing and just give respect for his family and the people that feel his loss.

  • So Prince was a sodomite and a faggot! Well at least he found God and repented for his wicked ways. More people should!

  • While the subject of a celebrity’s health may be distasteful to fans who simply want to remember them as an artist, they are not the only people that matter here.

    There are people whose job it is to protect the hundreds of millions of dollars at stake, and they don’t have the luxury of just hanging back for a few weeks. They know that the money depends on the legacy… and that the legacy has to be managed aggressively.

    The family understands this, too. Lest you think any of them are shocked by this, they are definitely NOT. They have have known about the celebrity’s medical issues for YEARS, and they knew that his health was waning. They also know what substances he was taking… and that the inclusion of those substances in official legal reports will likely tip off the public to the celebrity’s health issues.

    Thus, the family and the celebrity’s team has a serious decision to make. Do they tell the world about the real state of the celebrity’s health, or do they leave it up to law enforcement? And if they do talk, exactly how much should they disclose?

    These are difficult decisions – and the family is understandably emotional right now – but they are in complete agreement with the business team that they should “control the narrative.”

    There are four people who will be making the decisions together about the narrative, one of whom is a female family member.

    Control the narrative. Preserve the legacy.

    • 4daluvofdabeautiful1

      Very well put. It couldn’t have been said any better. I for one am not surprised by the health issue of Prince. And yes I was truly crazy about the man who was ” Prince”. Grew up on his music, loved his videos music, concert, and interviews. The media have a job to report news and let’s face it, sometimes they just don’t get all the facts correct. However in my opinion when a few of them are reporting the same thing there’s likely to be some truth to it. It doesn’t matter tothose of us who loved him. He was human and made bad choices like all of us do. He wouldn’t have wanted anyone to know what he was dying of. But like the person above commented, the family knew long ago what was going down. They have to protect the legacy and all of that was taken care of way before he got to the point where his health started to visibly decline. Sonalthough to me being a lifelong fan of Prince of course it is something that I would like to know just as facts we all do we read anything we can concerning him. Especially now. But no, it doesn’t matter if he did pass due to complications of AIDS or not. He made peace with Jehovah God long ago when he accepted the true God and his God was with when he fell asleep in death and will be waiting to be resurrected in the New World. Prince will always be in our minds and our hearts.

  • Not An American Sheeple

    Hire Lawyers to control the narrative. Or PR people. Reveal as little as possible. Cite HIPPA.

    Last I checked it was 2016, not 1016. If his reputation is “tarnished” then people are dumber than ever.

  • I believe Prince’s handlers are covering this up to control the narrative and preserve his legacy.

  • They want to prevent people from saying Prince was just another “on the down low” negro.

  • Saddest part is we all will die from something! If, you haven’t made a name for yourself, no one will talk. If, you are a legend like Prince, you will die from everything on the universe. What does it matter how he died??? Really… He is gone and his time here, he made beautiful music and he stayed out the lime light! People are truly morning and all the foolishness needs to just stop.

  • my condolences and heart felt wishes for healing goes out to prince’s family, fans, and friends. The way he passed is irrelevant because before he became a musical icon he is a human being. The negative comments are so disrespectful!!!!! It doesn’t matter if he was gay or not when he became famous he did good by giving to several charities and the community he live in. he gave back. Rest in peace Prince!!!! You are so loved and missed by many.

  • May he rest in peace much love respect for prince

  • HIV meds cause bone loss, kidney disease, etc. Patients who survive 20 years often need hip replacements … So if he needed a hip replacement it wasn’t because of “too much dancing in high heels”. If he stopped his meds the virus probably mutated and became resistant to all available meds. New medicines are much less toxic but too little too late for many. RIP Prince.

  • Let Prince rest in peace. Doesn’t matter how he died. I was a fan of his and loved his music. Respect his family during this sad time in their lives. Stop the gossip. He gave me lots of happy memories. Get a life people and stop the gossip. Whether it’s true or not. He is gone and deserves respect.

    • You still are a fan of Pince and his music deserves respect but what he died of he made that decision music or death he new what would happen he new the consequence he made music threw it all but still Aids is a serious matter you get it you repent and you pray, you don’t play with aids just like you don’t play with other sicknesses it’s hard to respect Prince the man he put it out there to see and it was hard to see not hard to here but hard to see why did he want us to know that bad I think he could have keeped it to himself or be honest and came out totally but he kept saying and dateing and marring wemen now he is gone and there will be many many stories about what Prince did I’m not looking forward to the un Hurd stories but I am looking forward to all the unsung music to come from Princes Volt I allways will be a fan of the music .

  • Rest my bro hope to c u soon

  • This kind of distraction from his lifelong mission of enlightenment and exploration of mind and spirit saddens all who recognize the genius that was PRINCE

  • Renais s

    Amen again…

  • Thamks I could not have said it better!

  • The filthy half-breed nigger died of AIDs. End of discussion. Hey, Prince, did y’all take in the ass once too often? You’re so effin’ “down-low” you were in hell BEFORE you died, you filthy faggot.

    • U wild for that sir God bless u tho smh

    • Your an Asshole

    • You’re an ignorant Pos ????. You sound so bitter. Maybe it’s you, who took it up the ass too many times and has contracted AIDS. Prince has always lived a man of God. He was our gift and a blessing from God. He was genius. A true and RARE talent. He was never gay. He had never slept with a man. Watch the Chris Brown interview Prince vs Michael Jackson. The beginnings of his career.:. He pushed limits and wanted to see how far he could go as an artist as far as his appearance, style, and in his music. Those who knew Prince, a fan of Prince, knew the true meaning behind his music. Pure genius. It wasn’t just about sex and relationships. He was preaching the word of God, yes, from the beginning. I love “Diamonds and Pearls”. I don’t go to church , but bet your ass I’m going to start now. There is a reason Prince was here with us. God has blessed us all , magnificently.

    • Denise Draksler

      Damn that’s harsh

  • Who cares HOW it happened. Or WHY it happened. The man is gone. Ppl are hurt. Show some respect please. Smh

  • Aww shut the f up…prove it…don’t matter anyway…always trying to tear people down…wtf ever…it don’t take away from w/o this man was…AN AMAZING ARTIST, MUSICIAN, PRODUCER ADS SONG WRITER….MAN EAT A DICK….PRINCE FN ROCKS


    Prince is gone…. What ever illness he have had let him rest in peace. Why do we have to be so disrespectful in his death, please let his soul rest in peace. Only God can judge him.

  • Easy e n prince are not the only one n the world black with aids duh so what get checked n take medicine wow people gro up god bless.

  • Yea, Curt Cobain was black too…get off the black and cops/the man thing people.

  • Who people anything said abt him is meaningless. ..they talked abt Jesus christ…we love u and we will miss u always and forever.

  • Wow…they talked about Jesus Christ…I prayed for everyone who truly loved and adored him they are hurting. God bless and have mercy on us all we all will die one day

  • so Jehovahs Witnesses dont disfellowship you ifyou get blood transfusions? i studied with them in the 90s almost got baptized and still have family members who are jws and from what i heard u can still can disfellowshipped…what Kingdom Halls with all these laxed. views are u attending?

  • My question. … Why was everything so rushed??? And if it was Aids did he tell any of the ppl he sexed….IJS…if its true. ..thats where shit gets real…..IJS

  • You people have no respect. The filthy comments and disrespect to the Jehovah witness religion is so disturbing. This reminds me of the time when Moses went up the mountain and everyone was rebelling and going wild. The utmost disrespect for a life lost, but Prince will be resurrected and he new that, maybe if all of you had Jehovah and Jesus in your life you would learn to be loving and respectful. The nasty things that are being said leaves a very nasty taste in my mouth. that man was a human being just like the rest of us, he had dignity unlike the one bashing him and the Jehovah Witness religion. I’m going to pray for all of you because you need prayer.

  • The Jehovahs Witnesses are a made up ,fake religion that the founder of confessed to before his own death. Don’t believe in God’s or Monsters.

  • Sandra Sibiya

    I’m the 1 of JW in SA don’t judge prince only Jehovah will

  • I feel sorry for you Jahovah Witnesses! God doesn’t want you 2 live in pain and Agony or die from disease. Otherwise he wouldn’t have made scientists smart enough 2 create medicine to help you live a happy life. I grew up with friends that were Jehovah Witnesses and when we were little their mother told us the world was going to end that year. We went home and told our mother because we were so upset thinking the world was going to end and my mom told their mom to never say that to us again. Guess what, that was 30 years ago but every year these Jehovah Witnesses would say that. And now look at poor Prince. If he had AIDS for that long and decided to stop treating it of course he was going to get sick. Another great artist dead because of stupid mistakes. I pray a lot and prayer can help people get better but when you’re dealing with a terrible disease like AIDS you need to take your medicine. I’m sorry but you should turn to a different religion if that’s what you believe.

  • What ever he is dead god rest his soul so live and let them die already…damn

  • I know I’m a little late with my comments, which I find above very entertaining???? But, Prince religion is why he never got his hip replacement & the paper is saying he got a blood transfusion? Please can U imagine the pain he was in 24/7???????? Trust I know my knee goes in & out, it no fun. Anyway, people why can’t y’all let our brothers & sisters in Christ RIP????????
    Thank God for A ledgend who’s music will live on 4 ever???? God Bless All????????

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