Latina Restaurant Owner Harassed For Supporting Trump

A Tuscon, Arizona Latina restaurant owner has gotten overwhelming support from locals after she was harassed for supporting presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Impressed by her hand-drawn ‘Latinos support D. Trump’ sign, the Republican brought Betty Rivas up to the podium during his Tuscon rally last weekend.

“Melania, I’m in love with this woman!,” Trump joked as he hugged Rivas.

After images of Rivas with Trump went viral, threatening and racist phone calls were made to the restaurant she owns and operates with her family. The harassment got so overwhelming that Rivas was forced to temporarily close Sammy’s Mexican Restaurant in Catalina.

Betty Rivas

Betty Rivas

Ironically, as she told local television news outlet KGUN-9, Rivas also attended a local rally held by Democrat Party candidate Bernie Sanders – and brought a similar sign to that event showing support for his campaign.

“I haven’t done anything wrong; I have the right to say what I’m thinking – I can go listen to Hillary, I can go listen to Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders because I’m within my right – I didn’t do anything wrong,” she said.

Hundreds of Trump backers who saw the report went to Rivas’ restaurant in a show of support.

“I don’t want her to fail because some people […] are meaning to shut free speech down,” Trump backer Harry Edmondson told KGUN-9. “So, I’ll support her”.

So many people showed up that Rivas was forced to close down again – but this time, because her restaurant had run out of food.

The massive turnout at her restaurant prevented Rivas from voting during Tuesday’s Arizona primary. But Rivas also admitted she still hadn’t made up her mind on who to vote for.

“No, I’m still thinking,” Rivas laughed.

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