Des Moines Register Backs Hillary, Rubio

With just nine days to go before the Iowa caucuses, the influential Des Moines Register has endorsed Republican Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and Democrat Hillary Clinton for their parties’ presidential nominations.

“At his best, Rubio offers an uplifting message of a ‘new American century,'” the paper wrote in its endorsement of the Florida Senator. “He shares his compelling story and calls for a referendum on the nation’s identity.”

Sidelined: Trump and Cruz

Sidelined: Trump and Cruz

The Register appeared to take a smack at Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, the leading candidates for the Republican side, calling a vote for Rubio is a choice for “optimism” instead of “anger, pessimism and fear.”

The paper did have questions about Rubio, wondering if he could make “hard choices” on issues like entitlements, climate change, and offering an alternative to Obamacare.

In its endorsement of Clinton, the Register called her “not the perfect candidate,” citing the continuing ‘Servergate’ scandal and her flip-flopping on issues like gay marriage and immigration.

“Her changing stance on gay marriage, immigration and other issues has invited accusations that she is guided less by personal conviction than by political calculations,” the paper wrote. “She refutes that, and argues persuasively that a willingness to change one’s thinking on specific issues, while remaining true to what she calls ‘the same values and principles,’ is a virtue, one lacking in most politicians.”

In an interview with CNN, Lynn Hicks, the Register’s opinion editor, explained that Rubio “has a chance to chart a new direction for the Republican Party.”


“We feel he can attract independents as well as appeal to the base of the party,” he said.

In making their choice to endorse Clinton, Hicks said the paper had two interviews with her and “there really is no question that she has the most experience, depth and breadth of knowledge to help America face the many challenges that America faces.”

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