Trump Did Not Say ‘Paris Is In Germany’

Contrary to left-wing social media, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump did not say or imply Thursday that ‘Paris is in Germany.’

Commenting on a thwarted terror attack in Paris, Trump tweeted to his followers, “Man shot inside Paris police station. Just announced that terror threat is at highest level. Germany is a total mess-big crime. GET SMART!”


Despite the fact that the leading front-runner for the Republican nomination was talking about the state of terror in Europe since the November 13, 2015 Paris shooting, left-leaning and Democrat operatives took to Twitter to misinterpret the statement.

“BREAKING: Angela Merkel surprised to find she has been responsible for Paris all this time,” one user tweeted about Germany’s Chancellor.

The phrase, ‘Paris is in Germany,’ trended (meaning it was one of the most-commented-on topics) on Twitter for most of Thursday.

Others defended the real estate mogul-turned-politician, insisting that Trump was talking about crime across Europe by comparing terrorism in France to a shocking wave of gang rapes in Germany. More than 80 women in Cologne reported sexual assaults on New Year’s Eve.

The social media incident even made it to main stream media like The New York Daily News, which erroneously mocked Trump like a bored teenage troll.

Trump has not responded to the burbling social media controversy.


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