Jeb Cancels $3mil Ad Buy

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush cancelled a US$3 million ad buy for Iowa and South Carolina on Sunday, a possible sign of fundraising problems.

The campaign is moving the money – US$1 million for Iowa and US$2 million for South Carolina – from paying for reserved ad time and moving it to beefing up its ground forces in the two states.

Danny Diaz

Danny Diaz

In Iowa, the campaign will nearly double its staff from 11 to 20, including a Hispanic outreach coordinator, Bush campaign manager Danny Diaz told The Des Moines Register. Some 60 staff members from Miami will be redeployed to the first four primary states – Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada.

A pro-Bush super PAC, Right to Rise USA, will pick up the slack in television ads with more than US$19 million across those states in coming days.

The campaign acknowledged that their announcement came on Wednesday because it was the final day before payment was due for the January air time. Staffers were given a hint of their redeployment just before the Christmas break.

Bush, once a shoo-in for cinching the Republican presidential nomination, is now in 5th place in Iowa and trailing with only 3-percent nationally. Diaz was quick to deny rumors the campaign would bow out of the Iowa caucus.

Despite personal e-mails from members of the Bush family, the campaign has struggled to raise lower-level donations, which indicate popular support for a candidate. Large donations close to the US$2,700 max continue to come in, however.

The campaign has not yet said how much it raised in the third quarter of 2014, although it has called it “competitive.”

Bush will return to Iowa on January 11 to campaign for several days.

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