Sanders Breaks Obama Fundraising Record

Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has gotten more individual donations through the campaign’s off-year – breaking a record set by President Obama during his re-election campaign.

Sanders communications director, Michael Briggs, announced in a statement on Sunday that during Saturday night’s Democrat debate, the candidate surpassed President Obama’s 2011 benchmark of 2,209,636 donations, reports

Briggs put the number of individual donations Sanders got at more than 2.3 million, reports

Briggs said the average donation was under US$25, far below the FEC rule that requires a campaign to report who gave the money for donations over $US200.

“Sanders has raised $41.5 million in the 2016 election cycle through the end of the third quarter and ended the period with $27.1 million on the books,” reports “About three quarters of the contributions received have been unitemized, meaning individuals have contributed $200 or less during the calendar year and their identities do not have to be disclosed.

The Sanders campaign appears to be on a financial uptick. On Friday, it raised over US$1 million amid a fight with the DNC about accessing Hillary Clinton campaign data; on Thursday, it announced it brought in more than US$3 million at the start of the week.

While the Clinton campaign has a much larger war chest of US$77.5 million, the amount raised is coming from a smaller pool of donors, indicating the Sanders campaign is more popular among the electorate.

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