Israel To Train Chinese Doctors

Israel will start training Chinese doctors and medical staff starting next year, a move seen as strengthening the two countries’ growing economic ties.

The doctors and medical from Sichuan, Yunnan and Guizhou provinces will get the chance to study medicine in Israel, announced consul general with the Consulate General of Israel in Chengdu.

The program is part of Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation, also known as Mashav.

“Mashav is a part of Israel’s Foreign Affair Ministry which is in charge of international cooperation via knowledge sharing and capacity building,” reports CRI English.

Amir Lati, Consul General of Israel in Chengdu

Amir Lati, Consul General of Israel in Chengdu

“Since it was established in 1957, Mashav has trained more than 270,000 people from across the world in diverse sectors including agriculture, medicine, education and rural and urban development,” the website notes.

The move can be seen as a larger pivot toward the east, as traditional relationships with Europe have soured over the last few years. Disagreements about the West Bank, a French proposal to have the U.N. Security Council oversee Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, and new European Union regulations requiring the labeling of goods made in Israeli settlements are only some of the highlights.

One-fifth of Israel’s exports are not to Asia, reports the Jerusalem Post, having quadrupled from 2004 to 2014, to a total of US$17.7 billion last year. Israel and China are now working on a free trade agreement.

Beijing is scheduled to host a China-Israel investment summit this coming January, the largest event of its kind.

‚ÄúChinese investment in Israeli technologies will exceed $10 billion within five years,” noted Infinity Israel-China Fund managing director Eyal Rosenthal.

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