Black Student Arrested For Online Death Threat Against Whites

An African-American student at the University of Illinois at Chicago was arrested Monday for posting online threats to kill White students at his school, in revenge for a black youth slain by police last year.

Jabari R. Dean, 21, posted in the comments section of website World Star HipHop that he would die in a shootout with cops after shooting 16 ‘White Devils,’ a racist slur for White male students and staff, one for each police bullet that killed 17-year-old Laquan McDonald in October 2014.

Jabari R. Dean - alleged threat

McDonald’s shooting sparked a national outcry after Chicago cop Jason Van Dyke was charged with first-degree murder on November 24 in that case.

Dean’s threat also came days before officers charged with the killing of African-American Freddie Grey in Baltimore went to trial.

Laquan McDonald

Laquan McDonald

A poster on World Star reported the post to an FBI tipster hotline on November 29. Agents visited Dean, a freshman studying electrical engineering at the University of Illinois at Chicago, after finding his name and address through a service provider. Although Dean admitted to making the post but quickly deleting it, the tipster was able to take a screenshot of the post before it disappeared.

The post was made under a video for the movie Panther, which deals with the conspiracy theory that the CIA, FBI and mafia worked to bring drugs into African-American communities. In the clip, members the Black Panther Party arm themselves for confrontation with law enforcement.

While the University of Chicago was locked down on November 30 because of the post, prosecutors have determined that Dean had no means with which to carry out his death threat. Dean will be held until December 1 and released on bond when bail conditions can be sorted out.

Dean’s uncle, Phillip Rutherford, told reporters that his nephew had no intention of carrying out his threat, calling it “just fun and games.”

“Stupid. Silly ignorant. Goofy. Everybody is upset. The whole family is upset,” Rutherford told Fox 32.

Dean is being charged with transmitting a threat in interstate commerce. If found guilty, he could face up to five years in federal prison.

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