Obama: US, France ‘United’ To Destroy ISIS

U.S. president Barack Obama proclaimed unity with France in destroying the Isis terror group Tuesday.

“This barbaric terrorist group […] and its murderous ideology poses a serious threat to all of us,” President Obama said in the Oval Office with French president Francois Hollande at his side. “It cannot be tolerated, it must be destroyed.”

Hollande, who has been pushing for increased American help in defeating Isis, including joining forces with Russia, said President Obama agreed “to scale up our strikes, both in Syria and Iraq” against the extremist group with “relentless determination.”

“Militarily, it is about destroying Daesh no matter where they are,” President Hollande said, using an alternate name for the Islamic State. “The priority its to take back key locations of Daesh in Syria. We need a joint response, an implacable joint response.”

Obama stopped short of endorsing Hollande’s proposal of joining with Russia against Isis, saying Russian president Vladamir Putin appeared more interested in propping up Syrian president Bashar Assad than eradicating the terror group.

Hollande, who will next visit with Putin, said he is willing to work with Russia if Moscow concentrates its military actions on destroying Isis. He also wants Russia to commit fully to a political solution in Syria and to eradicate terrorism.

“We do not want to exclude anyone” from a solution to the Syrian crisis, Hollande said.

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