Savage: Trump Ripping Me Off

Conservative talk radio host Michael Savage claimed this week that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is taking campaign ideas from his show.

“Half of what Trump says comes out of my show, for God’s sakes!,” Savage exclaimed on his radio broadcast last Tuesday, November 17.

At issue is Trump’s proposal to build a “big, beautiful safe zone” for refugees fleeing war-torn Syria inside the country, instead of importing them into the United States. Savage claims he came up with the idea on his show three weeks before Trump said it.

“I am so glad that Donald Trump thinks so highly of me that he listens to the show, or he may have one staff member who’s full-time job is to take notes from my show and my book,” Savage sarcastically remarked. “I’m glad to see my ideas are getting out there.”

Savage went on to proclaim that his full solution for Syrian refugees was more thought-out and better than what Trump said.

“I said build a safe zone [….] and have it protected by U.N. troops,” Savage explained. “Apparently Trump didn’t hear the rest of what I said.”

The explosive claims came only a day before Trump appeared on Savage’s show. The braggadocio talker did not take issue with the candidate on Wednesday, who is leading all challengers for the Republican nomination by a considerable margin. In fact, Trump appeared to forgive Savage for his blasting Trump’s attacks on rival Ben Carson.

“Michael, I know what you said [….] but at some point I have to lay out facts [about Ben Carson,” Trump told Savage.

Savage explained to Trump that he believes the Republicans should be attacking each other but going after presumptive Democrat nominee, Hillary Clinton.

“I thought that after I criticized you on air, and I did it as critically as I could, that I wouldn’t be eating lettuce at [Trump’s luxury resort] Mara Lago ever again,” Savage said. “But I’m glad to see you’re a bigger man than I am, and you came back on the show.”

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