Truck Bomb Found At Hannover Stadium

A soccer match between Germany and the Netherlands was abruptly cancelled and the stadium cleared Tuesday night after a truck bomb was found outside Hannover stadium.

German police discovered the truck bomb, which was disguised as a rescue vehicle, according to Time.

German police outside Hanover Stadium Tuesday night.

German police outside Hanover Stadium Tuesday night.

The stadium was evacuated only 90 minutes before kickoff. Speakers blared across the football pitch, telling fans to go home and stay there.

Hannover police chief Volker Kluwe later told Germany’s NDR¬†television station a “concrete threat” involving explosives had been uncovered.

The friendly match, scheduled to be held at Hanover Stadium in Hannover, Germany, was to be attended by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other top German officials to¬†show they would not be afraid of terrorism in the wake of last weekend’s Isis-backed massacre in Paris, France.

Security tensions are also running high at an England-France friendly match set for Tuesday night in Wembley stadium.

UPDATE: Lower-Saxony Interior Minister Boris Pistorius, said at a press conference Tuesday night that no explosives have been found at Hannover stadium, also known as HDI Arena. No arrests have been made, either.

The stadium was cleared as a precaution after German police got several tips that a terror attack was planned for a soccer match, Pistorius explained.

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