Mozzarella en Carrozza

Mozzarella en Carrozza

Mozzarella en Carrozza

John of Staten Island likes eggs. Finally he is allowed to eat them. The Bureaucrats who know everything are allowing him. Not that he ever needed their permission.

For too many years the Elitist Bureaucratic Nutritionists who claim that they know everything about food have been telling us NOT to eat eggs because our cholesterol will rise to levels that portend the coming onset of DEATH.

Hooey, Phooey!

Now they tell us “Never Mind”. They say they have new data. What new data? The omegas, the fats, the cholesterol, the poly, the unsaturated, the mono-saturated. Eggs have been produced the same old way they’ve always been produced. No change in the method of production. No new animals laying eggs. The Bureaucratic studies are what caused the problem.

The big time Bureaucrats had us eating “egg substitutes”, “whites only”, newly designed, cholesterol free, no pesticide treated, laboratory tested, scientifically advanced, conveyor belt sorted, graded, university studied, government approved “new modern eggs”.

There’s no such thing as ‘new eggs’. New, modern, and approved. Take your approval facility and make sure the eggs are safe. They’re so smart, they finally found out they’re wrong. Eggs are eggs and there is nothing new or advanced about them.

You eat eggs, you cook eggs, you crack eggs, you beat eggs (they even sell an item called an egg beater) you separate them (those items are called egg separators), you bake them, you poach them (Eggs Benedict), you fry them, and ‘once over easy’ – eggs are an ingredient. You need them for recipes.

How long does it take them to wipe out the Avian Flu? This has been going on too long. Eggs prices are sky high. At the supermarket the same old sign saying that they are taking precautions because of the Avian Flu, but with the onset of warm weather… that tells you how long the sign has been up.

Here’s the latest headlines about Avian Flu:

* Although no cases of highly contagious Avian Flu have been reported in the Northeast, Connecticut officials urging poultry owners to register their flock as a precaution.
* Bird Flu could make turkeys scarce for Thanksgiving.
* Threat of avian flu cancels North Carolina State Fair poultry shows. (The past Iowa State Fair had no poultry shows.)
* Producers restock but prepare for avian flu’s return.
* Egg shortage in Alaska continues.
* Another outbreak of Avian Flu found in Viet Nam.

So let’s get cooking.



Columbus Day is coming up. We need a really good Italian food recipe. Mozzarella en Carrozza. Mozzarella packed tight in ‘railroad cars’. And all the listeners/callers/podcasters to THE RIGHT PERSPECTIVE are anxious for Hail Columbus from He of the First Blood, formerly known as Frank of Queens. Tune in for Hail Columbus!

I looked up Mozzarella en Carrozza on the internet. Would you believe it; they make it like a melted American Cheese sandwich on the internet. They say trim the crust off the bread. They say use a bottom slice of bread, put cheese on the bottom slice, and then top it off with a top slice. Then they say use anchovy sauce. Not for me. It’s an Italian recipe; use Italian Bread. Use tomato sauce.

Delicious as it was, Mozzarella en Carrozza at Il Fornetto’s Restaurant in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, was made with american bread, not Italian bread, thankfully it came with scrumptious tomato sauce. Il Fornetto’s is at 2902 Emmons Ave, overlooking the water. Wonderful setting, wonderful service. Everything you eat there is fabulous.

My recipe for Mozzarella en Carrozza uses Italian Bread with the crust; the crust gives texture. You can taste the difference between the soft chewy inside bread and the distinctive covering crust. My old recipe calls for tomato sauce. That’s Italian.

This is a children friendly recipe. There are certain details they can do. Whenever children participate in the preparation of the food, they are much more willing to eat it.

Cut a long fresh Italian bread into 2-inch slices. Figure 2 slices per person. A long bread takes care of all parties. You only want to fill the frying pan once. Prolonged use of the frying oil only blackens it and effects the final taste. Just put in enough slices for one go around with the frying pan.

Let the child put their fingers into the center of each slice and pat down the soft bread making for an empty center. Measure how big an opening you have with the child and cut up the mozzarella so that each slice of bread will hold the cut up piece of mozzarella securely. This is somewhat like a math lesson. Measuring to figure out what size cheese fits into the empty space. Let the child get the cheese into the empty space. They participate, they learn, they accomplish.

Now beat up 2 eggs. If you have a lot of bread to cook, you’ll use more eggs; but wait till you get to that point. Once you explain to a child how an egg beater works, or a whisk; make sure to tell them to keep their fingers OUT OF THE KITCHEN TOOLS OPENINGS, once they are old enough to understand, they can do the egg beating. You don’t want them being too enthusiastic, the eggs will splash out of the bowl. An older child understands; little ones with little fingers cannot do this task.

Put each bread slice into the eggs; allow each side of the bread to sop up the egg; and coat the outer crust. You can prick small holes into the crust with a fork. Not deep, just to let the bread sop up the eggs but still coat the crust.

I like using rubber coated tongs to turn the bread slices. Now explain to the child that they have to stand back from the stove so that no hot oil splashes them. Oil needs to be hot before putting in the slices. Explain that you are using long armed tongs so that the tongs are close to the frying pan; not the person cooking.

The oil needs to be hot; I don’t like deep amounts of oil, too dangerous; but enough to more than coat the bottom of the pan, a little bit of depth. The tongs will keep turning the slices to cook on all sides so that all sides are in the oil. Once you get the oil hot, lower the heat so nothing splashes back on you. If you want, you can sprinkle some bread crumbs on cheese sides of the slices, panko, matzo meal; I leave it alone because there is enough bread surrounding the cheese. Place each slice of egg coated bread in the pan giving each one room. Do not keep the slices close together. After a minute, a short space of time (depending on how hot the oil is) turn each slice so that every side of the slice gets cooked. Also you don’t want it to stick to the bottom of the pan. Keep turning, the cheese keeps melting. There should be a brown coating, a golden brown color. The egg is cooked on that side, the cheese has melted but not broken out of the bread. What is important is that you do not cook so long a time span that the mozzarella has not only melted but has leaked out. Leaked out cheese has stayed too long in the pan. Your egg coating is cooked. Stove off.

With the tongs transfer the slices to drain excess oil on a platter covered with towel paper.

In a sauce pan heat up your favorite tomato sauce. With a long armed spoon, spoon the hot tomato sauce over the bread slices. Enjoy

We’ll be using eggs in more recipes.

Tune into THE RIGHT PERSPECTIVE for Hail Columbus !


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