NAACP President Busted Selling Cocaine

NAACP president Timothy Wade Miles' mugshot

NAACP president Timothy Wade Miles’ mugshot

The president of the local Muncie, Indiana chapter of the NAACP was busted Wednesday for selling cocaine for the third time to a police informant.

Timothy Wade Miles, 49, is also assistant director of transportation for MITS (Munchie Indiana Transit Systems), and reportedly used a company car to make the sale.

Miles even bragged to the informant of his status in the community, telling the informant he was on his way to an NAACP meeting. Showing her related documents proving who is was, Miles joked, “it’s crazy.”

Police report Miles begged arresting officers to not handcuff him, telling them, “my career and life are over.” He also reportedly asked the deputy to remove his handcuffs, so bus service employees would not see him being arrested.

Miles allegedly confessed to selling cocaine to keep up with child support payments, telling officers he would buy an ounce of cocaine for $US1,250 and selling it on the street for twice that amount.

Wednesday’s arrest marks the third time Miles was arrested for selling cocaine. He previously sold the drug in a local park with children playing nearby.

Cpl. Jeff Stanley, of the Delaware County Sheriffs Drug Unit, told reporters that Miles’ status in the community would not change how the justice system would treat him.

Miles was later released on US$15,000 bond. It is not known who paid to free him.

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