The South Will Rise Again

midterm-elections-runoff-louisiana-senateThis is not just another run-off election in Louisiana. This is not just another seat in the Senate. This is not just another mid-term election cycle.

This is the most important race of the General Election of 2014.

Once it’s established that the Republicans are the Majority party in the Senate we’re not going to “Share” chairmanship of Committees with the Minority party. We won it; we get the Chairmanship. Not like the time the Senator from Mississippi, the new Majority Leader then, Trent Lott, reached across the aisle to “Share”: Forget It!

The Drive By Media was tauntingly suggesting before the November 4th General Election that the Republicans needed to get 6 seats in the Senate to take control, and that they wouldn’t get it. Well, Louisiana will make it 9. And we’re gonna get it.

Reince Priebuss

Reince Priebus

Here’s what we do. We tell Reince Priebus, head of the Republican National Committee, the GOP, that IT AIN’T OVER. The election has one more to go and that he’s gotta win this one BIG, real BIG. A definitive statement needs to be made. Reince needs to head down to Louisiana, get friendly with Col. Maness and then have Bill Cassidy join in so that the Southern Colonel can address the crowd and explain that his supporters need to cast their votes in the Run-Off Election December 6th for Bill Cassidy. The Address doesn’t end there. Cassidy has to acknowledge that he recognizes that his support comes from Col. Maness’ voters.

In the General Election of Tuesday, November 4th, there was not much differentiation between Mary Landrieu and Bill Cassidy. Both of them got 600,000 votes. It was Col. Maness who surprised everyone by getting 14% of the vote; 200,000. That’s terrific, 14%. What a turnout. Mary and Bill were practically twins. There was agreement and alignment between the two. Col. Maness stood out; opposite and opponent. A true adversary, an antagonist. Well, when you look up the antonym to antagonist you find ally, confederate. The supporters, the base, the voters of Col. Maness need to now turn out in huge numbers for Bill Cassidy.

Knowing where his margin of win is coming from, Cassidy has to move his positions to represent his political base. He’s shapeable. He used to be a Democrat; even donating to the Democrat Governor, Kathleen Blanco, who opposed the victor Bobby Jindal. Yeah, he’s shapeable.

Time to shape-up.

We deal with today. We deal with the run-off election. We focus our efforts on winning.

Col. Rob Maness

Col. Rob Maness

When you look on the website, the Constitutional Conservative, you see why both Mary and Bill garnered 600,000 each; there’s not much difference between the two. Go down the list of issues. Spending, 2nd Amendment, Obamacare, Coastal Restoration (Hurricane Katrina was years ago, and there’s still coastal erosion), Flood Insurance (Homeowners subjected to ever changing FEMA guidelines), Benghazi Cover Up, Hate Crimes, Syria, Federal Highway Program, Export/Import Bank, Farm Subsidies. Within the Farm Subsidies are SNAP provisions: that’s right, Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program.

Plenty of issues to look at. Not the time to sit back and assume that this election is won in the Republican column. That’s how Romney won the Presidency; figured it was time to sit back and assume that the polls were right, that he had it won. Sure, the pollsters called the Stay at Home Republicans who said they were going to vote for Romney and came election day they stayed at home.

Mary isn’t going to let this one easily slip by her. She has more names and phone numbers and voting history at her fingertips then any outsider could get their hands on. Her father was in the Louisiana House of Representatives (1960-1966), New Orleans City Council (1966-1970), Mayor of New Orleans (1970-1978), Wikipedia includes Judge, and then U.S. Secretary of Housing & Urban Development under President Jimmy Carter (1979-81).

Mary Landrieu

Mary Landrieu

Mary Landrieu herself is the current Chairperson for the Senate Committee on Energy & Natural Resources; that’s why she just woke up and found out she should do “something” about the Keystone Pipeline. A little too late. She looked foolish waking up too late on that issue. She used to be the Chairperson of the Senate Small Business Committee, taking over the Chairmanship from John Kerry. Yeah, between the two of them, Mary Landrieu and John Kerry, small businesses either stayed small or probably got smaller. Like the old joke in the stock market: if you want to make a small fortune in the stock market, start with a big fortune. Mary has been in the Senate since 1997; she knows how to win. And also, Mary’s brother, Mitch Landrieu is the current Mayor of New Orleans. So Mary knows who to call on to get votes in this run-off election.

Bill Cassidy

Bill Cassidy

Bill Cassidy needs the Col. Rob Maness supporters to win. He needs those 200,000. He needs to become more fiscally definitive on the issues. He needs to become more constitutionally conservative. He needs to become stronger on differentiating himself from Mary. The distinction needs to be made. Bill Cassidy needs to have Col. Rob Maness on his victory team.

December 6th will soon be here. We’ll find out who’s the victor very soon. The margin of victory will send a clear, distinct message to all elected officials. It’s very important that the voters of the state of Louisiana turn out in large numbers to cast their votes. Votes for Cassidy. Show ’em that Louisiana is different.

Louisiana¬†was originally¬†named La Louisianne by explorer Rene-Robert Cavelier in the mid 1600’s to honor King Louis XIV of France. In America today, there are no kings. WE THE PEOPLE live in a Republic, where we need to be vigilant. The elected representatives represent us.

Louisiana, the state tree, the Bald Cypress.

Louisiana, the state flower, the Magnolia.

Louisiana, the state motto, Union, Justice and Confidence.

As God is my witness,

The South Will Rise Again.


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