Ron Paul: Shut Down The CIA

Ron Paul

Ron Paul

Former Texas Republican congressman Ron Paul called forĀ the CIA to be shut down over its use of enhanced interrogation techniques in his latest column.

Paul writes that the CIA must be shut down for its continued cover-up of “torturing” terror suspects in secret detention centersĀ in foreign countries, noting that in 2007, then-CIA director George Tenet and U.S President George W. Bush both denied the U.S. tortures people, four years after the scandal at Abu Ghraib was uncovered.

The cover-up continues with the Obama administration, Paul claims, citing last week’s European Court of Human Rights verdict that two suspects were illegally detained and tortured in so-called “black sites” in Poland. The Polish government was ordered to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation to those men in that verdict.

The Obama administration continues to deny that any of those facilities ever existed and insists enhanced interrogation techniques were ended in 2009.

Paul also notes that a so-to-be-released Senate investigation into CIA enhanced interrogation techniques will reveal the spy agency used “far more brutal practices” that have not yet been made public.

“Revelations of US secret torture sites overseas and a new Senate investigation revealing widespread horrific CIA torture practices should finally lead to the abolishment of this agency,” Paul writes. “Far from keeping us safer, CIA covert actions across the globe have led to destruction of countries and societies and unprecedented resentment toward the United States.

“For our own safety, end the CIA!”

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