Iceland Hotel Allowed Me To Be Raped: Tourist

The Best Western Hotel Reykjavik

The Best Western Hotel Reykjavik

A married American woman has taken to social media to warn others about the Reykjavik hotel she says allowed her to be raped while vacationing in Iceland.

“I was raped here. The hotel allowed it to happen,” starts the Seattle, Washington woman’s review about the Best Western Hotel Reykjavik on

“The Best Western Reykjavik’s concierge allowed a strange man who was not staying with us into our room, very late at night (past 4AM) while my husband and I were clearly very intoxicated,” the woman, who goes under the initials “N.G.,” writes. “The concierge had seen us come and go together, alone, for the past half week, always at reasonable hours.”

The incident, which took place last New Year’s Eve, made local headlines when the American couple came forward with their story. According to Icelandic tabloid DV, the couple were on their way back to the hotel after the bar closed and met three American men who invited them to their place.

Natalyia blames hotel security for her being raped.

Natalyia blames hotel security for her being raped.

At their apartment, the men offered them vodka and cranberry shots but did not drink themselves. The couple believes the drinks were laced with the date rape drug Rohypnol because they both suddenly lost consciousness at the same time.

NG told DV that while in the men’s apartment, she remembers one of the men approaching and kissing her. “I refused and then he asked me if I wanted to sleep with him. I refused,” she said. “After that I remember nothing else until we walked back to our hotel.”

“The man who kissed me followed us to the hotel,” NG explained. “When we got to the hotel I thought the man was imprisoning me and I asked the doorman to open the room for us, he and followed us into the room. I then remember my boyfriend passed out in our bed and the man was in the bathroom. So I was a little out of my clothes, maybe I undressed myself, I do not remember. The next thing I remember is that the other man was raping me.

NG said she remembers only “glimpses” of being raped in her hotel room. “I do not remember much only that he was raping me,” she said. “After this I remember that I told him to go and he went. The concierge told us the man was in our room for about one to two hours, but I remember only about five to ten minutes of it.”

Reykjavik police said they would not file a report

Reykjavik police would not file a report

A week after the couple returned home to the States, NG was treated for rape at a local hospital. Shen then tried to contact the Reykjavik police about the incident.

“We wanted the police to at least take a report from us and maybe investigate,” she said. “Talk to the hotel staff and the suspect, because we knew his name, and his friends.”

The police took a report from the couple and then notified them the case would not be investigated further due to a lack of evidence.

The Reykjavik police department would not comment on the matter when asked by The Right Perspective.

NG told DV last January that she was determined to publicize her rape in an effort to shame her attacker. With her current social network posting, NG puts full blame on security at Best Western Reykjavik.

“That night, not only did he [the concierge] open the hotel’s front door to let us in, he also opened our hotel room (we were too drunk to do it ourselves!) and didn’t think it odd that this stranger went in with us. My husband passed out and the strange man raped me,” Nataliya wrote on

“The hotel has security cameras. We thought they would provide evidence to help us get justice – but no, the hotel manager informed us that their security system does not work at all,” she writes.

“This hotel is not safe. They do not have the slightest regard for the safety of their guests. If they had, this nightmare would never have happened.”

A spokesman for Islandshotel, the company that owns Best Western Reykjavik, said the security cameras were down for repairs at the time of the incident but they are now up and fully operational.  He assured The Right Perspective that the hotel is safe and the circumstances that happened that night were “out of our hands.”

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