Don Sterling Banned For Life From L.A. Clippers

Donald Sterling

Donald Sterling

The NBA has banned Donald Sterling for life from the group he own, the LA Clippers, over racist comments. Nevermind the fact that those private comments were made public by someone being sued for embezzling money from him. According to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver in the presser he held today making the announcement, those comments “are now public, and they represent his views.”

While there is no defense for the comments Don Sterling made, lets not pretend that the NBA is any great hero of anti-racism. The NBA acted swiftly out of its own self-interests, protecting a rising voice of self-determination among not only its African-American audience but among players as well. It is also hard to believe that Adam Silver, who says he has known Don Sterling for more than 20 years, is shocked by the sentiments he made. That could easily be seen by the nervousness he expressed while announcing the ban today.

Adam Silver

Adam Silver

And while it is great to see a liberal getting hoisted on his own petard, that spark of schadenfreude is dampened by the fact that the media largely ignored the fact that Donald Silver donated heavily to Democrats and progressive causes over the years. Had he given even one penny to the GOP, we would have never have heard the end of it. Silver would have been billed as a “right wing Republican” or something similar.

Compare the case of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, whose political supporters were forced to denounce him after a clip edited to make him appear racist was circulated, to what happened to Donald Sterling. While there was talk of institutional racism in some circles, the fact that he not only presented himself as a progressive but supported their politicians and causes was left out of the discussion. Not one reporter has asked Bill Bradley, Gray Davis, and Patrick Leahy, all Democrat politicians, to denounce the bigoted racist who gave them the maximum legal limit on donations. Not one anti-racist group has forced or even asked these pols to “give back” that money to the NAACP or a similar organization.

Instead, all we get is the TLB (Typical Liberal Behavior) of “move along, nothing to see here”, which we always get from our media when a liberal, progressive, or Democrat is caught up in these scandals.

Now that Don Silver’s been banned for admonishing his mixed-race girlfriend for bringing black people to his basketball games, perhaps the NBA can now ban another racist for similar attitudes. An arrogant, bigoted racist who has said, and I quote: “I give interracial couples a look. Daggers. They get uncomfortable when they see me on the street.”

That racist, Spike Lee, has become a courtside fixture of many NBA games. And despite his avowed racism, he is welcomed not only to inject himself into games, but into sports call-in shows by gelded white men who refuse to stand up to his bigotry.

Or perhaps these standards only apply in one direction.

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