P5+1 and Nuclear Proliferation

Iran_G5+1_110511On Sunday, November 24th, the P5+1 will be meeting again after their first meeting ended with Iranian President Rouhani, saying that Iran’s nuclear enrichment was a “red line”. Since then, there have been some strange things happening before the next P5+1 meeting.

Today, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu left for Moscow in an effort to seek suuport for Israel’s position that the sanctions shouldn’t be eased. President Obama gave a BBC interview in which he says Iran will have IAEA inspections that are like “the current inspections”. Trouble is, the IAEA hasn’t inspected any nuclear site in Iran since February 2012.

Secretary Kerry was scheduled to visit Israel this weekend just before the Geneva talks, but abruptly cancelled at the last moment. Two days ago in a phone conversation between Russian president Vladamir Putin and Iranian president Hassan Rouhani, Putin said to Rouhani that there’s a “real chance” to resolve the issues surrounding Iran’s nuclear program.

A week ago online, FRANCE24 reported┬áthat French President Hollande and Obama agreed to Iran’s “peaceful nuclear program”. The story reminded me of April 5, 2012 when a White House release stated that President Obama would approve of an Iranian “civilian nuclear program”.

The P5+1 is made up of the United States, Great Britain, Germany, France, China, and Russia. They will agree to Iran’s “peaceful nuclear program”. Saudi Arabia will nuke up, to keep up, and the other rich Gulf kingdoms could follow, making the Middle East even more dangerous than it’s been.

The United Nations’ IAEA and the P5+1 have failed in their mission. Not only with Iran, but with North Korea as well. Israel will do what it must to protect itself, because the world has turned its back on the Jews again by ignoring the hatred that surrounds Israel, now with their nuclear and missile technology. Both Iran and North Korea are also extremely serious threats to the peace and stability of the entire world.

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