Null and Void: The Obama Presidency

Obama_NO-TIME-FOR-THAT-MEMEThe latest scandal to hit the Obama administration is that it manipulated the Labor Department statistics prior to the 2012 elections. Along with the Internal Revenue’s targeting of conservative individuals and organizations, these are further corrupt and illegal actions taken by the administration and government agencies.

All the scandals committed by the Obama administration couldn’t have been carried out without the help of government bureaucrates, a dismissive main stream media, and a do-nothing Congress.

How much more of this to we have to take? There seems to be a very slow realization that this entire government, the MSM, and Congress are no longer serving the people, but are seving their master, Barack Obama.

The national debt contiues to climb, the economy has yet to pull out of the recession, and Obama’s six trillion dollars added to the debt, and the Federal Reserves Quantative Easings haven’t done a thing for anyone, but Wall Street. People have died because of this administration indifference with Benghazi, and Fast and Furious.

We have a serious credibility crisis with both the Obama administration and the Federal Government agencies. We either change the make up of Washington quickly, or we lose any chance of restoring our nation to anything close to the republic it once was.

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  • what are you gonna do? Its almost as if the majority of people dont care, also. Its kinda like a curse has been hoisted upon this nation since 9/11, and we cant find our way home. As we watch in slow motion, from the comfort of our living rooms, on our high definition tv’s, the demise of our once great nation. On the backs of previous generations.

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