The Obamacare Fiasco

Obama_Obamacare_SadPresident Obama punted the ACA ball as far as he could. The Obama legacy has leprosy, because everyone is running away from it.

Making this annoucement to try to save the 2014 elections was exactly what he did in 2012 with the IRS scandal. This time he did it out in the open. The gall, and the White House Press Corp said nothing.

Allowing insurance to cover some of the individuals that have been dropped by their insurance companies, and only for a year, because the 680 million dollar Obamacare web site may be in worse shape than we’ve been told.

Obama had blamed the Republicans of extorsion, and slowing down the recovery with the two week government shutdown. The Affordable Care Act was to take over one-sixth of the economy. The ramifications of this Obama boondoggle will have drastic affect on the economy for years to come, and the overruns will run ion the trillions.

I believe the cost for Obamacare has already topped over three trillion dollars, and it doesn’t work. This is a fraud on the American taxpayer, but unfortunately congress is broken. The chances of any of this, or any of the other numerous scandals getting properly investigated are none, and nil.

It gets back to the last two options left to all Americans. They are acceptance, or revolution. Up to now the majority of voters accepted Obama’s lies as the truth, or made excuses for him. The other half keep getting angrier every time Obama opens his mouth, or is on the television not answering the questions he’s been asked.

I’ve had my “Network” moment too many times to count. I had enough. Patrick Henry said it best. “Give me Liberty, or give me Death”.


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