Guardian Devil: Sliwa Stole $400k From Ex-Wife, Lawsuit Says

Degenerate Dirtbag Curtis Sliwa

BUSTED: Curtis Sliwa

Degenerate dirtbag Curtis Sliwa and former City Councilwoman Melinda Katz scammed Sliwa’s ex-wife out of more than US$400,000 in a bizarre child-support payment scheme, a new US$1.4 million lawsuit charges.

“Curtis Sliwa is an inveterate, world-class liar,” says third wife Mary of Sliwa, who has previously been proven to be one by this website.

According to court documents (which can be downloaded in full here), Mary details 13 instances, dating from February to August 2010, where Curtis cheated on her. Claiming he was too tired to come home, Sliwa told her he would sleep at his radio studio at the Empire State Building, where he did a morning talk radio show at the time. Instead, Sliwa went to Melinda Katz’s Forest Hills home and engaged in sexual intercourse with her, the lawsuit claims.

Sliwa with 4th with Melinda Katz and their two sons, Carter and Hunter.

Sliwa with 4th wife Melinda Katz and their two sons, Carter and Hunter.

Curtis and Katz “had a secret, sexual, personal and intimate relationship for many years despite Curtis being married” to Mary, her lawsuit alleges.

After Katz was impregnated with Sliwa’s sperm using in vitro fertilization in 2008, Curtis and his mistress secretly conspired to snatch US$400,000 in tax-free marital assets away from Mary and from Anthony Chester Sliwa, the Sliwas’ 9-year-old special-needs son, little Chester Anthony.

Curtis would insist to Mary that there was no relationship with Katz, claiming that Katz got pregnant without his permission by using frozen sperm he had donated to her years earlier, before he and Mary wed.

Curtis and Mary's wedding in 2000.

Curtis and Mary’s wedding in 2000.

In Mary’s suit, she says that after the child was born, the radio shyster claimed he was compelled by law to pay child support to Katz out of marital assets.

By New York state law, that amount was no more than US$1,7000 a month. But Curtis lavished money on Katz, making child-support payments of $8,000 a month — or $96,000 a year, tax-free — plus another $1,500 a month tax-free to pay for a $2 million life-insurance policy, the suit alleges.

The goal, Mary claims, was to build up a “nest egg” of marital assets before Curtis left her in due course.

Curtis even took money from his first son, lil’ Chesta Ant’ny.

The swindle continued with Katz having a second child using Curtis’s sperm, in 2010. Curtis even convinced Mary “to use significant marital assets” to pay support for the Katz child, tapping his special-needs child’s own account dry so he could pour US$70,000 into Katz’s coffers.

Mary Sliwa says she believed her then-husband and agreed to the payments because she “wanted to keep the marriage together … trusted him,” and thought the amounts were legitimate.

“The heartless defendants were so adept at this scheme that their agreement provided that if the Internal Revenue Service challenged the amount as being beyond ‘child support,’ Curtis Sliwa would pay his mistress’s taxes on the excessive payments which amounts could only come from more marital assets because Curtis Sliwa had no non-marital assets,” the suit reads.

Mary Sliwa is demanding the US$405,000 back, plus interest and US$1 million in damages.

Both Curtis and Katz, who is currently running for Queens borough president, have not commented on the lawsuit. But Katz’s campaign spokesman dismissed it as “sad [and] frivolous” to the NY Post.


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  • Little Anthony Chester Sliwa is a “special-needs” child. He especially needs a father!!

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