Anonymous Hacks The Fed

The U.S. Federal Reserve

The U.S. Federal Reserve

The U.S. Federal Reserve confirmed Wednesday that one of its internal websites was infiltrated over the weekend, after hacktivist group Anonymous claimed it stole more than 4,000 details of banking executives.

A spokeswoman for the U.S central bank said a vulnerability in a website vendor product was used to compromise the system, and that the exploit had been fixed.

News of the hacking broke on Sunday, when a Twitter account associated with Anonymous claimed responsibility for attacks on other government and corporate sites. It also published information said to containing the login information, credentials, internet protocol addresses and contact information of more than 4,000 US bankers as proof of the hacking.

The information Anonymous published appeared to have come from a contact database for banks to use during a natural disaster.

The Fed spokeswoman did say if any data had been stolen during the hacking, only that it did not compromise any of the vital operations of the bank.

The attack is part of Anonymous’ OpLastResort, which was started to “avenge” the death of Aaron Schwartz. The computer prodigy killed himself on January 11 after he was indicted for stealing more than four million private articles from Jstor, an online archive and journal distribution service. He faced a maximum sentence of 31 years if convicted.

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