Mandela Condition Worsens

Nelson Mandela

Former South African president Nelson Mandela’s physical condition has deteriorated according to published reports, despite official claims the 94-year-old is doing well in hospital.

Quoting an unnamed source close to the Mandela family, South African newspaper the Sunday Times reported on Sunday that the nation’s first Black president has stopped talking and “is not looking good.”

“It’s clear that something is troubling him,” anonymous person said.

Mandela, who was rushed to Pretoria’s Military One hospital on Saturday for the third time in two years, is believed to suffer from extensive hernia problems. No details have been released about the specific reason for his admission, or when he will be discharged.

Mandela at a Zuma presidential rally in 2009

Officials have remained tight-lipped on Mandela’s condition. South African President Jacob Zuma visited him on Saturday, telling reporters later that the former president was “comfortable and in good care” through a statement.

Mandela’s hospitalization comes a day after crucial evidence showing he bailed out President Zuma to the tune of R1mil to help pay off debts in 2005, days after then-president Thabo Mbeki fired him as ANC deputy president and the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) announced that it would charge Zuma with corruption.

The information published shows a laundry list of influential South African politicians and business leaders gave given Zuma more than R17mil to help him out financially between 1995 and 2006.

Information about the money was never submitted to the NPA and the case was later dropped.

Doctors will conduct more tests on Mandela on Monday, the Sunday Times reports.

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